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October 22, 2020

Jennifer Song

Greensboro, Georgia, USA

Reynolds Lake Oconee

Quick Quotes

Q. Jennifer, what great first round here at Lake Oconee. How do you feel?

JENNIFER SONG: I feel great. This course is really tough and in the afternoon the greens got really crusty, so there was a lot of calculation. The wind picked up a little bit so it was kind of confusing, but I managed it pretty well.

I'm really happy about 7-under par today. I didn't think that was possible to shoot that score out there, but I had a great round.

Q. If you could pinpoint exactly one part of your game that worked really well today, what worked out there?

JENNIFER SONG: Definitely I made a lot of putts. Made tons of birdies out there. But I think the most important thing was making good judgment, and execution was spot on.

I didn't have any doubt over my shots, so I think that was the key of my round today.

Q. You said that you didn't think 7-under was possible but you did it, and now you're leading after round one. May I ask what did you think during the practice rounds? What was your strategy going into today?

JENNIFER SONG: Well, it's very -- like the greens are undulated and very hilly, so I thought it was really important to stay like healthy and have like high energy going into the first round.

I didn't want to burn myself out doing practice out there, so I think I managed to keep myself like chill and more relaxed. As I was playing practice round I noticed that I needed to hit some like -- I needed to place my shots in the right positions on the green, and I think I managed to do that today.

Q. What's a quick way for you to relax out there?

JENNIFER SONG: Out on the golf course?

Q. Yeah. Sometimes it's hard when you're on the golf course just to -- you didn't make any mistakes it seems today. When you do, how do you relax really quickly?

JENNIFER SONG: I think I talk about food or like just funny documentaries with my caddie so that I get my mind off of golf. But as soon as it's my turn I zone in and get ready to hit great shots.

Q. You've been one of our most consistent players this year on tour. What is it in terms of goal that you want for the rest of this tournament?

JENNIFER SONG: For the rest of the tournament I just want to keep doing what I'm doing. I wish -- I mean, I want to play great rounds the next three rounds, but I'm not going to change anything. Just stay positive and just keep one shot at a time and I think everything will be handled.

Q. Thank you so much. We have got Ophelia this week with us from Girls Golf. She has a question.



OPHELIA BUNUEL: At Girls Golf Miami we started up tournaments again and we had a three clubs and a putter tournament. If you had to play a tournament with only three clubs and a putter, what three clubs would you use?

JENNIFER SONG: Definitely have my putter because that's my best game; 3-wood and 6-iron.

OPHELIA BUNUEL: Absolutely. Thank you, thank you so much.

Q. Thank you so much Jennifer, and good luck this week.

JENNIFER SONG: All right. Thank you.

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