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October 22, 2020

Kelly Tan

Greensboro, Georgia, USA

Reynolds Lake Oconee

Quick Quotes

Q. Kelly, you've got round one in here. Three more to go. What are you thinking after a great minus two.

KELLY TAN: Yeah, today I play really well. Had a rough start. I think was my third hole on the Par 5. I hit a double, just one bad swing today really. Just kept telling myself I don't have to win it today. Just keep giving myself chances.

And I kept doing that and gave myself a lot of looks coming back and made five more birdies after that.

Q. Exactly. When did that momentum start back up for you again?

KELLY TAN: 8, par-3, I hit a great shot. It was right online and had a nine-footer up the hill and made that.

Hit it just over the green on 9 -- sorry on 18, my 9th, and made a great up and down almost for eagle.

Yeah, then I went par and birdie, so I was minus three after four holes. So, yeah, I think that's when everything changes, and I just kept hitting good shots and giving myself those chances.

Q. We watched you rock it at KPMG. What in your game are you feeling most confident in? Is it all parts or one or two?

KELLY TAN: I think it's all parts, and I just feel like mentally I'm in a good spot. It was tough to play -- I was 3-over after 7 today. Just to be able to finish under par today and bring myself back in the tournament, I think that has a lot to say about my mental game; I just feel like because I fought back and just be able to prove myself that, just keep giving myself chances, like I said. Yeah, just that side of it gives me confidence.

Q. We had a week off here. We were just curious, what did you do during the week off? Work? Rest?

KELLY TAN: I ran. I didn't practice. I play two rounds of golf. I was in Georgia with a friend of mine, Paula. Yeah, just had a good time and really try to rest my body. It's been quite a stretch for me and I feel like it's important to take myself away from golf a little bit, and that was important.

Q. And you got a round in at Atlanta Athletic Club, which looking one year ahead will be where we play KPMG. How was playing that course? Did you think about strategy for next year?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, when I knew I was going to Georgia I knew a member there who just took me there. I got lucky because I know it's a tough course it get in. Atlanta Athletic Club is a course that I know we're all in for a treat. I got to play 18 holes. It's such a great layout.

You definitely have to think your way around the golf course, and it was in superb condition. By next year for a major it will be just unbelievable and I'm excited to play it next year.

Q. We've heard so much that is a new course. Given just all the work that they've been doing the past year, how is it playing this course? What are the challenges and difficulties?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, I heard they redid almost everything. For me, I thought the green was going to be really hard, but I think the superintendent has done an amazing job. The greens are not super soft but playing exactly what they want them to be.

And this course layout, I mean, it's just so beautiful. The back nine is one of the most prettiest nine I've ever seen.

So, yeah, I just feel like we're so grateful to be here, and we hope that this is going to be one of those event that we can play for years and years down the road.

Q. Last question to you is: Three more rounds to go. What is your mindset? What is your goal going the next three rounds?

KELLY TAN: Just going to try and keep thing simple. Keep hitting fairways and greens, keep giving myself those chances, and hopefully the putter works out.

Q. You have been in contention in the last couple of tournaments that we've had here, especially in the major last week for a little bit as well. When you have a week off, does it change your momentum at all do you think carrying from tournament to tournament? What do you do to get back into the competitive mindset?

KELLY TAN: You know, I used to feel like I have to practice during the week off to keep my game in its spot and whatever. I just feel like this past couple years I have been just taking the weeks off easy and I have seen some good results, just really like resting my body, because sometimes when you feel like you're feeling great, I mean, we're out there walking miles and miles every day. And just mentally, too, right?

I'm just trying to give my body a rest, and I just feel like for me I can come out feeling fresh. That's very important.

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