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October 11, 2020

Goran Dragic

Miami Heat

Game 6: Postgame

Los Angeles Lakers - 106, Miami Heat - 93

Q. Spo said that there's no way that conventional wisdom would have suggested that you were able to play. I know it's kind of obvious, but why was it so important for you to get out there, and what did you have to go through just to be able to get out there?

GORAN DRAGIC: It's been hell for me the last 10 days, but I just want to be out there to help my team as much as possible and, no, it is what it is. The Lakers were better. We fought. Unfortunately we didn't have it today, but, yeah, have to move on.

Q. As you were on the sidelines throughout the series how did you try to help your teammates read the Lakers, continue to try to fight through as you were also working to get back on the floor?

GORAN DRAGIC: Tried to be, tried to talk to Tyler and K-Nunn as much as possible. Those fellas had a tremendous playoffs. They played well. And, you know, do whatever it takes. If I cannot be on the floor with my team, try to be there for them, try to tell them what I see and stay engaged through the whole game.

Q. Can you describe the pain you went through today playing and why?

GORAN DRAGIC: Which pain? Now, right now or? I mean it's hard, it's hard, you know, it was really a small chance to come back, but I push it. I did all the treatment I can and even today I push it, I didn't feel right, but it is what it is. Tried to be out there for my team and it's not easy when you make the Finals and you lose it, but try to get to one next year. Try to remember those hard moments, the feeling that I'm feeling right now, and try to use that to try to get better for the next year.

Q. What comes next in your treatment?

GORAN DRAGIC: Just rest. That's the main thing. They told me when you snap the fascia, it's basically you did your own surgery. So from now on it's, you know, just rest and it's going to get better on [its] own. So I don't need to talk to the doctor, no surgery, nothing.

But like I said, the one thing that I didn't have was time and it was tough.

Q. Can you reflect on the special times that you've had with your team in this bubble. Even though it didn't turn out the way you wanted, how much will you remember from the great moments you've had together?

GORAN DRAGIC: A lot. This season has been a tremendous season for us, for me. We had a lot of bonds together. We go through good times, bad times, but we always stay together. And I think that that's something that it's really rare to find, and I love this team. I love all of those guys. Everybody's not selfish. Everybody wants to do the right thing. And all the moments on the floor, off the floor, especially here in the bubble to spend with them for three months and to hang out, it was something that I'm going to cherish for the rest of my life and, you know, can't wait to get back.

Q. As you say, the coach and other members of the team, this team is special. What does it mean for you to be a leader for them and to guide the younger players?

GORAN DRAGIC: It's just part of my job, you know. When I came to the Heat I learned from the best and you try to, when you hit one point of your career you already know that you have to give something back to your young players, try to make it a little bit easier for them, and just talk to them. Conversation can do a lot for those young players. From there on everybody on our team, they have great habits, workout habits, they work hard and it's easy, it's easy to be there.

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