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September 27, 2020

Benoit Paire

Paris, France

Press Conference

B. PAIRE/S. Kwon

7-5, 6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. For those of us who haven't had a chance to speak with you since New York, can you just comment on what happened and your current status with the COVID-19 situation?

BENOIT PAIRE: You know what, it was not easy, the situation after New York. Stayed 10 days in my room. Then I went to Rome to play my tournament, but I was not totally ready to play. So it was not easy against Jannik.

Then I went to Hamburg and again positive test, so I had to stay in my room only. I could leave my room only to practice and to play my match for one hour.

It was not easy, honestly, the situation after the 10 days in my room in New York, then have to stay again in my room. The only thing I wanted was to go home, so couldn't because we had to come here for the test.

So honestly now what happen is I'm tired. I'm tired physically. I'm tired mentally.

Of course I'm very happy to win, but is not like last year I remember a lot of good memories with the crowd, with the tennis I was playing.

So it's not easy to come back here and to play with an empty stadium, and, yeah, honestly physically I'm not good and mentally I'm not good enough.

Q. So now you tested negative presumably here in Paris?

BENOIT PAIRE: Yeah, I did one test when I arrive negative. Really happy about it. I was scared about the test, because, you know, when you're negative, positive, negative, positive, you never know. And I knew before it was 50% of chance to play because if I was positive I was out.

So not easy mentally when you know there is a possibility you don't play at home on this tournament is something different in the head. And, yeah, I'm not 100% now.

Q. Just to be clear, you tested positive in New York, then you tested negative, and then you tested positive again?

BENOIT PAIRE: Yeah, positive in New York twice, then six times in New York negative. Then Paris negative. Then I went to Rome, negative three times. I arrived in Hamburg, the first one was positive, the second one was positive, and the third one was negative, and one negative here in Paris.

Q. So do we trust the system? Do you have any feelings about this? Maybe these tests are not accurate?

BENOIT PAIRE: No, I really don't care about the system, about what happen. The only thing I know is sometimes positive, sometimes negative. If I'm positive I go home. I will be happy to go home a little bit.

Honestly now, the importance of the test is not the thing I'm thinking. I'm just thinking, okay, if you can play you play. If not, you go home and you see your dog, your family, and you will be happy.

Q. You're playing Federico Coria next. I want to know what do you know about him? And if you know his brother, too. If it's something special?

BENOIT PAIRE: I don't know him, to be honest. I just saw his name in Masters 1000 in Rome for the first time. I think he never played in Europe or I never saw him in a big tournament, so I gonna check. I gonna watch a little bit of tennis of him, how he plays, always playing. I hope he doesn't play like his brother, because I was a little bit fan of his brother, honestly, and someone I was really happy to see when he was playing.

So we'll see. He's a good player, I know, because he was in a second one, he qualify in Rome, second one against Berrettini, and, yeah, he won against Jung who is qualifier so is not easy.

For me this is most important is just if I can play I play. If not, I go home.

But about him, I gonna ask to some friends because they know him. Gonna check some video on YouTube if I can find.

Q. Being French, how do you describe the conditions playing in September versus playing in June?

BENOIT PAIRE: A lot of difference. The conditions are totally different now from June. The thing is last week it was a good week. It was good. I asked my friends, they told me last week was unbelievable, was good.

But this week, really cold, like everywhere in Europe. So it's not easy. It's a little bit windy. It's cold, it's raining sometimes. So conditions are tough.

But the toughest thing I think is the ball. Totally different from last year. Very slow and with the condition of the temperature, with everything. I think as Rafa said, I agree with him, it's not the best ball to play with these conditions.

But what can we do? It's like this. We have to manage how to play with the ball. Change a little bit the strategy, and play the game.

But conditions are very strange, but honestly I'm happy the tournament is here. Okay, there is no people. That's the saddest thing. But we can play. Some people can see us at the TV. I think it's good.

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