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November 2, 2000

Davis Love III


LEE PATTERSON: Davis, thank you for joining us. Wonderful start to the Championship. Maybe just a couple of thoughts about today and then we will open it up for questions.

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, obviously a good score and I drove the ball real well today. Only missed one fairway. And I am sure that is something you will hear over and over is, you got to get the ball in the fairway to be able to get the ball close to have some chances. And I probably didn't get 100% out of my round, but I am very happy with it and under these conditions to be under par is a good score.

Q. I know you got the one victory at Callaway. Does winning in your state -- is that important to you or does a victory anywhere mean the same?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well, obviously it would mean a little more to win at home, in your home state, especially a big tournament like this. It was exciting at Callaway, I always enjoy going back there because of that, because of the success there. But yeah, I think down the stretch the last day, it would be a lot of fun because maybe I'd give the fans something to get excited about.

Q. Looked like you played well all year, but then at The Presidents Cup things really came together for you. Is this more or less a carry-over from the good round and things that you had going for you there?

DAVIS LOVE III: I think, yeah, I definitely made a turnaround in my confidence. I think after the middle of the summer, when I come close so many times and not won, my attitude got not as good as it should be and my confidence therefore fell off. And Vegas, it was probably at a low after the last round and then to come back and do some work and have a different attitude and play good there, I didn't play probably as great as my record showed because as I have said, DAVIS and Phil were good partners and you know, maybe Ernie wasn't playing his best, but I did hit some good shots under pressure. I did make some putts that I had to make for my team. I gained confidence there a little bit more at Disney and I came in here with a better attitude. Does that always equal good scores? No. But today leaving out the score, I did probably my best job of being patient and playing the game and picking out targets and all the things that have gotten me to where I was and now I am going to have to work hard not at hitting golf balls, but at my attitude to get back to the top.

Q. Do you noticeably -- does your concentration noticeably, to you, go up at times of Ryder Cups and President Cups, do you sense that you seem to have more intensity those weeks?

DAVIS LOVE III: I don't know if -- I think my -- my concentration may -- I don't know if it's intensity, but my concentration may narrow, my focus maybe better. I may get more to the place quicker, to the place that I need to be in something like that because I feel a little bit more pressure and a little bit more excitement. So it makes me concentrate a little more. Bob Rotella, always said, I don't worry about you when I get you chose to the lead. He says it is Thursday, Friday when there is so many other things going on and you are not -- the tournament hasn't really gotten to a place where you are under pressure, you know, that is the time that I worry about you. So I would say, yeah, if you drop me in there one stroke back with 9 to go, I think that is where I am at my best concentration-wise. I think that I need to work on playing the way I played at the Ryder Cup and The Presidents Cup, you know, more Thursdays and Fridays.

Q. You said you weren't working on hitting balls. You were the last guy on the range last night.

DAVIS LOVE III: That is because I had a lot of other things to do in between. But I have been -- Jack Lumpkin is here and I wanted to get one last shot at him watching me hit balls. But I have been hitting more balls because physically I am feeling better. My back is better and I don't mind going out and hitting balls. But I am not out there with Vijay a whole lot, but every once in a while I am out there late.

Q. Last year around this time you said that in Robby' and Lexy were kind of giving you a hard time about Kapalua, that you really didn't want to go out, that is why you played in Spain; getting anymore grief that way?

DAVIS LOVE III: No, they haven't because they have been a lot of places recently so they probably couldn't miss school anyway, but I got it from Gary Planos playing and Mark Rolfing already. They want me back too. I want to play there. But I also want to win. I think a lot of my lack of winning come from trying too hard. I am trying to say, look, most important thing is to just do my job day-to-day then all the Kapaluas and all that other stuff will take care of itself.

Q. What does trying too hard mean, how does that manifest itself?

DAVIS LOVE III: We can talk about that for a long time. It means you know, going out with a score in mind. It means watching the scoreboard and changing your game plan or your attitude. It means you know, getting a good score one day and then going out the next day and trying to say, all right, now that I have got it 5-under, 6-under, now I have got to really really do something. It is not just playing each shot. It is letting results and goals and outside influences change the way you play or the way you think or the way you prepare. Simply when you hear it over and over and over, probably one shot at a time or play one hole at a time and get into your target all that, well, that is the challenge. To me it isn't, the challenge isn't hitting it 300 yards down the middle of the fairway. The challenge is being patient, picking out good targets and not watching for DAVIS Duval and Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson's name on the leaderboard to see how many under they are. Today I can't not look -- today I looked up there, saw who was there, and said, okay, now back to work. And don't worry about what they are doing, just take care of your game rather than looking up there and going, oh my gosh, Ernie Els is 6-under par, you better birdie one of the last three holes, which is what I was doing before, or you are going to be behind so far behind you are not going to be able to catch up. Well, I look up there, saw Ernie is playing well, good for him, then I go back and had a birdie putt at 17 and 18. That is the difference. And it is a fine line between having a positive attitude and getting into your targets and playing the game or worrying about what everybody else is doing. I got some bad breaks today. I drove it right down the middle of the fairway at 15 had mud on my ball and I could have hit a 5-iron in the middle of the green 2-putted for birdie or made eagle. I hit the ball went way right of the green. I just, you know, I will either get it up-and-down or I won't and I will go birdie 16 and 17 and 18. And I hit good shots at 16, 17, 18 and had chances and birdied one of them. So I think before I'da hit that shot a month ago I'da hit that shot and go, here we go again, another bad break, now I am going to bogey 17, and you know, 18 is hard, I got to chance to birdie there and I am going to shoot 70 again. That is the way my attitude was when things didn't go my way or if I didn't -- wasn't playing well that -- didn't give up on myself. I got down on myself. That is the difference.

Q. You played so well today. Any thoughts on watching Stewart hitting in the rough again and again and again and still come out not killing himself?

DAVIS LOVE III: He hung in there. I didn't know -- I remember now, seeing him last night hitting drivers on the news. He had a stack of drivers, but I didn't really think much about it until we were coming up 9 and his caddie was talking to my caddie. They were saying the "IronByron" machine broke his driver or whatever. I said, oh, my gosh, no wonder what is going on out here. Because Stewart usually is a very consistent driver of the ball, but he hit a couple of good ones on the back with that driver so maybe, you know, it is not always a driver, but it is the confidence in the driver. Maybe you can -- he can get some confidence. But he hung in there. He could have shot anything today and he had a good attitude and grinded it out.

Q. Do you intend to play in Spain and Australia?

DAVIS LOVE III: I intend to play in Spain and Australia. I am not looking forward to two big trips, but the way I am playing now, I am looking forward to Spain and another chance to win. I will say this: Either one of the three including Tiger's tournament the next three tournaments I am playing at I will probably not play, but I am committed to those three and that is really it. It doesn't seem like, well, that is not that much, but when you have got Thanksgiving and Christmas and it is a short off-season and -- but right now, the way I am playing, I want to keep playing. I am not looking forward to flying to Spain, but I am looking forward to playing another tournament on our schedule, a chance to win, move up the list a little.

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