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October 1, 2020

Thiago Monteiro

Paris, France

Press Conference


7-6, 6-4, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What do you think was the key for you today to winning that match?

THIAGO MONTEIRO: I think it was the consistency. I think I played really well since the beginning of the match. I had one bad game in my serve because I was like I break in the first game him, but then I was playing really good. One game I just missed some little shots, but I keep focused in what I was doing. I was hitting really good on the court. The conditions today was a little bit different because we could see the sun (laughing) after 10 days.

But, yeah, I'm just happy for the win and I think I am playing better every day.

Q. What was your reaction when you saw the weather and that there was the sun out and you could see the sky and it wasn't raining?

THIAGO MONTEIRO: Yeah, I mean it was out of the blue, because we just arrived in the complex, it was like raining, so cloudy and I didn't expect to play on time, actually.

Then suddenly it was like the sun came out. But it was good, it felt good. I was prepared for anything. I'm feeling really good this week, feeling the ball very well, so, yeah, just being competitive every point and happy for my first third round here in French Open.

Q. That was going to be my next question. What is the sort of emotion and feeling for you at the end of that match, knowing that you are making it to the third round of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time?

THIAGO MONTEIRO: Yeah, it's a great feeling, it was like I practice for this moment since I was a kid. I mean, being the winning matches at Grand Slam, it was like three years after my last winning, which was in Wimbledon.

No, just very happy, very emotional, very happy for my team also, we are doing amazing work, hard work, so, yeah, just need to keep focus on what I have to do and try to play my best in the next match.

Q. Speaking of the next match and just more generally, how much do you, have you looked ahead in the draw, thought ahead, do you do that or do you just sort of go one match at a time? What's your philosophy?

THIAGO MONTEIRO: Well I just go one match at a time. I don't know actually who I am waiting, I didn't saw my coach after match, so he is the guy who sees the draw.

Yeah, just go one match at that time. First match was tough match, today it was a battle again and, yeah, everybody's playing really good here. I think whoever I play in the third round it's a third round of a Grand Slam, the opponent will be feeling really good, so I just have to focus to try to play my best to have any chance.

Q. One more thing I wanted to ask was about your opponent today and he was coming off a long match, I'm just wondering if you knew that and if that entered into your preparation or thinking at all, knowing you were facing somebody who had played that 8-6?

THIAGO MONTEIRO: Yeah, after the first win I heard that I would play Halys or Marcos, there was, when I finished they were in the 6-all in the fifth. But it was a long match and, but they had one day off.

I think he tried to do the best recover he could and I didn't felt like he was tired today, I mean he was very competitive, actually. At the end of the, when I broke in the third set, I mean, he lose a little bit of intensity, but I just kept doing my thing, I just kept doing my game and tried to put some energy to try to finish as soon as possible.

Q. Does it go into your head at all that, hey, that guy on the other side did have to go past 6-all in a fifth set?

THIAGO MONTEIRO: No, no, just was focused on my game. I mean even, I was ready for a long match as well, I mean I don't step on the court thinking that the guy's tired so let's just do a long match, I just try to focus on my game, try to focus to play aggressive and go for it.

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