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October 1, 2020

Paula Badosa

Paris, France

Press Conference

P. BADOSA/S. Stephens

6-4, 4-6, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You were up a set, lost the second, but were able to turn it around in the third. Sort of what was going through your mind after the second set and how pleased are you with the results?

PAULA BADOSA: Yeah, well, first it was a good set. The second set I started very good, but then I got like a little bit like scared, like I thought that I'm going to win, I was going to win and she played very good four games there. But I wasn't being aggressive, I wasn't playing my game, so that changed the match a little bit. But then in the third set I start to play my game and start to try to dominate the points and to be aggressive and then I served very well as well and I could win the match.

Q. She's had a lot of success here. Obviously you have as well as a junior. What were some of your expectations coming in and what was your game plan ahead of the match?

PAULA BADOSA: My expectations was trying to play my game. I know she has a very, very good talent, she plays very hard as well and she plays aggressive too, but I know that I had to play my game and to be there very intense and to be there every point and that's what I tried to do and it went well.

Q. You're here with a new coach and he gave an interview talking about how he feels he can relate to some of the struggles you've been through. What have some of the experiences with him been like and what do you make of the match?

PAULA BADOSA: Yeah, we started like two weeks ago and things are going very well, I'm very motivated with him and he helps me so much. He's making me believe in my game to make me aggressive every point and believe in myself and that's what I'm trying to do here.

Q. You play Ostapenko could next, your thoughts on her and what will be the key for that one for you?

PAULA BADOSA: Yeah we know each other for a long time, we're the same age, we have been playing juniors, like we know each other since we were 10 years old.

And I know she's very, very aggressive. I will try to be there every point, I know it's very important to be consistent with her, so I will try to do that. Try to play my game, if she let's me. But that's what I will try. And to have fun and to try to enjoy the match.

Q. How pleased are you to be in the third round of a Grand Slam for the first time?

PAULA BADOSA: Yeah, I'm very happy, it's very exciting and I have a very special memory from here and I know the Spanish people have a very special memory to play here at Roland Garros, so I'm quite happy.

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