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October 3, 2020

Marton Fucsovics

Paris, France

Press Conference

M. FUCSOVICS/T. Monteiro

7-5, 6-1, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you first talk about the beginning of the match. I think there were four breaks of serve to start. Was it the conditions?

MARTON FUCSOVICS: It's not easy to win your service games. Beginning of the match the weather was a bit cold. I had to get used to the serves, to his returns. After that, after this first set, I found the rhythm, the right tactics in my service games. That was the key.

Q. You have eight wins now in the majors this year. You've been able to back up some wins. How are you feeling at these bigger events being able to produce win after win consistently?

MARTON FUCSOVICS: Well, it's a very tough year for the whole world. Actually I'm playing one of my best tennis this year. I'm in the top 100 since three years, three and a half years. I'm very happy to compete against these guys.

Finally I can show that I can beat them, I can beat the top-10 players, I can beat the next superstars of tennis. This gives me a lot of confidence. Now I believe that I can also make it to the top 10. I want to make it in the next years.

Q. Between the US Open and Roland Garros, you didn't play any tournaments. Was there anything in particular you did in between that time? Did you rest? Any specific kind of training block? What went into getting ready for Paris?

MARTON FUCSOVICS: I went home. I had a few days off. We were planning to play in Rome and Hamburg. I had a little injury. We wanted to be 100% for the French Open. Last year I lost in the first round so I didn't have any points to defend. We talked to my coach about it, and we wanted to get ready for Roland Garros.

Q. You got Andrey Rublev next. I'm sure it's fair to say you're different players than last time you played. What are you looking forward to in that matchup?

MARTON FUCSOVICS: Yeah, when we played, I won in five sets, but we were different players. Right now he's just about to break in the top 10. But it was four or five years ago when we played. I got more matured. I have more experience. I'm fit now, fitter than ever. I'm looking forward to play a good match against him, try to break through finally to the quarterfinals.

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