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October 6, 2020

Kevin Krawietz

Paris, France

Press Conference


6-4, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Firstly, how does it feel to be in the semifinals?

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Yeah, obviously very good to be in the semifinals. Yeah, actually, feel pretty good. We did last year good, so we have a lot of confidence from there.

So we played very solid match today. So every match is going to be tough. We lost against them in Cincinnati. So, yeah, we played from the beginning very good, very focused.

And, yeah, of course very happy to be in the semis.

Q. You mentioned 2019. How much of those memories are boosting you guys back here this week?

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: I think it's boosting us a lot, because, yeah, a lot of memories of like walking into the locker rooms, physio, and on the court. Very good memories, of course.

We know also that every round is very hard. From the beginning on we saved three match points in the round before. So it's going to be tricky because, yeah, all eyes may be on us a little bit like especially in Germany. But, yeah, I think we did it well until now. Yeah.

Q. Kevin, can you tell us what makes you and Andreas such a good team?

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Yeah, I think we communicate very good. We talk a lot about things, how we feel, how we feel each day. I think it's very important to handle each other if somebody is like a little bit tired in the beginning of one set, which match, doesn't matter.

So we like pushing each other if somebody is like the lower energy a little bit. Maybe some percent is missing. Yeah, I think it's a communicating thing. I think we do it very good.

Each round we, yeah, we speak every match. We analyze every match very good, yeah.

Q. Wondering, looking ahead if you have made your schedule going ahead after Paris and how difficult it is to make the schedule with figuring out which tournaments are taking place and which ones are not. And what's the communication from the ATP Tour about which tournaments are being played and not?

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Yeah, I mean, the calendar is already out, so next week directly after Paris is one in Cologne and one in St. Petersburg. We actually don't know where we play, so we just play the tournament here.

So we, yeah, we decide I think last minute we go and sign on-site on Friday one of the two tournaments. And after these two tournaments is Cologne again. It's Andy's hometown so we play the second one, for sure.

The schedule is pretty simple actually for us. We play, after Cologne 2, we play Vienna and Paris again, the 1000 there. Yeah, hopefully we have a chance to make it in the final. So, yeah, it's very easy calendar actually for us.

Q. One of my German friends is a big, big fan of yours, and she follows your results all over the world. Whenever you win a match, she celebrates by eating a cheesecake. Sometimes without a plate. Can be quite messy, to be honest. How do you celebrate your victories? What's your favorite dessert?

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Very nice question (smiling). Yeah, I eat some banana bread (smiling). Honestly, I'm eating not so much dessert here. Keeps a routine like from last year.

But if she's eating every match a cheesecake, yeah, I mean, hopefully we win not so much for her, or yes (smiling).

Yeah, she can keep going to eating cheesecake if we winning. That's a good sign for us, also.

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