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October 9, 2020

Yui Kamiji

Paris, France

Press Conference

Y. KAMIJI/M. Ohtani

6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. How does it feel to get your fourth title here at Roland Garros, fourth singles title?

YUI KAMIJI: Yeah, of course I'm very happy to have title. This is my second Grand Slam title for this year.

Yeah, I also very happy to have final against same country. Yeah.

Q. That must be a pretty special feeling to have the Olympics coming up next year, and that must have been a pretty special moment together?

YUI KAMIJI: Yeah, of course. I heard it never happen before, so first time.

So, yeah, I'm very excited yesterday night and, yeah, I was happy with my performance today.

Q. Congratulations. From the outside it looks like a very different Roland Garros. Has it felt that way to you? Does this title feel different to you?

YUI KAMIJI: Sorry, I can't really hear you.

Q. Does this Roland Garros title feel different, given the time of year, the circumstances, and given the year that we have been through with COVID?

YUI KAMIJI: Yeah, I think it's special tournament because we have no crowds as usual. Something different than other years.

But the tournament is more like similar, so I feel like very comfortable to play here. Yeah, the weather is a little bit different, but was okay for me (smiling).

Q. You mentioned your season. You have won the Australian Open, US Open final, another slam here. Wonder why you feel you have been so strong in the majors?

YUI KAMIJI: Yeah, we also had not lockdown in Japan, but we couldn't practice like two, three months maybe. Then I come back to train, and we had more time to practicing because we had no tournament.

Yeah, I tried new things with my tennis and also with my wheelchair. Yeah, I tried to watch the video of the games against other players. It really worked.

Q. I just wondered, your last title here was in 2018 I believe in singles. Just wondered how you feel you have developed as a player since then.

YUI KAMIJI: Yeah, I'm very happy. I like to play on clay court. Yeah, my first Grand Slam title was here and most having Grand Slam title is here, so, yeah, I'm very happy to have title again.

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