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October 10, 2020

Sofia Kenin

Paris, France

Press Conference


6-4, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You had a good run to the final. Give us an overview of your emotions, what you're feeling right now?

SOFIA KENIN: First of all, obviously a little bit disappointed and upset. She obviously played a really good match. She's, like, really hot right now, playing some really great tennis.

I'm not going to use this as an excuse, but my leg obviously was not the best. It's obviously disappointing.

To answer your question, what I'm thinking is I've got to get some rest and hopefully my leg will get better.

Q. Did you know getting into the match that your leg wasn't going to be able to stand it or did it get worse playing the final?

SOFIA KENIN: I mean, I've had it for like a few of my matches. I've had to tape. I saw the physio and everything, so I was doing everything I can.

Today obviously after the first set I just felt it was so tight, I couldn't move. That's why I had to call the trainer. It just got worse. Yeah, it's quite unfortunate it had to happen in this match.

Like I said, she played really well. All credit to her.

Q. Has this been an injury that's been building up over the tournament? Can you pinpoint when it happened?

SOFIA KENIN: Well, it happened -- I can't remember when it happened. First two matches was fine. I think it was maybe third match I already had it taped or fourth round. I don't remember exactly.

It's obviously understandable. I've had this in the past, but not quite often. I'm obviously working well on my fitness. It's not such a problem that I have. I used to have it quite a bit. I always used to get it taped on my left abductor.

Obviously it's expected that it's a little bit sore, given the circumstances, how many matches I played, three-setters. On clay it's very physical. You have to move and slide a lot.

Obviously I know why, but I'm not too worried about the fact that I was getting taped.

Q. Could you go into a little bit more specifics about what it is Iga did so well out there today?

SOFIA KENIN: I feel like she served really well. She dictated really well with her forehand. Especially in the first set, a few shots here and there just didn't go my way. She played some great tennis.

She's got the really good forehand, the spinny forehand up the line. Really good backhand down the line. I feel like sometimes just a few things didn't go my way in the first set.

Kind of started off a bit slow, which I guess it was nerves or something. But I found my groove. We had a long 3-All game. A really long 3-4 game on my serve. I had a few chances. 5-3 I was able to save a set point. 5-4 I started, up 15-Love in the game. A few things just didn't go my way.

Then, yeah, unfortunately my leg wasn't in the best condition, I guess. It was obviously really disappointing.

Q. This has been an incredibly big year for you starting in Australia. No doubt a great disappointment after today's match. When you sit back and think about it, what all do you take away from it as far as the positives are concerned?

SOFIA KENIN: I mean, a lot of positives for sure. The whole negatives is the pandemic that happened. My agent told me that I'm 15-2 in Grand Slams, in matches. I think that's pretty good.

I guess I have the most winning matches in slams, the most losses -- not the most losses, but the least amount of losses.

Obviously I'm playing some really good tennis at the slams. In Australia I won. US Open I got to the fourth round. Had a tough one against Elise Mertens. Here getting to the finals.

Overall it's a good ratio in the Grand Slams. I feel like I'm playing some really good tennis. Yeah, it sucks the season is over for us. I really wish there were more tournaments. I'm going to use this time to get my leg rested and everything, and, yeah, start pre-season.

Q. You mentioned Iga's spinny forehand, which I think is something a lot of players in this tournament have mentioned. How unusual is that shot in the women's game? What things does she do that you don't see from a lot of other players?

SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, the spinny forehand, it obviously doesn't look like it's so difficult, but it has so much spin, it bounces up. It's obviously going to my backhand.

I missed a few backhands cross when I had the chances. It's not an easy shot. She has a really good backhand down the line. She went a few times behind me.

Dropshot was also well for her. She served big on some points. Yeah, I mean, she fought really well. She's had a great run, great tournament.

I wish I would have won, but I'm just happy that I got to where I am now. I guess, as some people said in Rome, lost bagel, let's just say like that, and then I'm able to get to the finals. I think it's a good result for me.

Of course I'm quite disappointed I didn't get the title, but overall I'm going to take the positives.

Q. You were able to celebrate as the champion at the Australian Open. Today you were the runner-up. This might be a difficult question for you to answer, but can you just think of some of the thoughts and emotions you had in Australia as the champion, and how that contrasted after the match standing there as the runner-up?

SOFIA KENIN: Well, of course Australia was very special. Yeah, I mean, I was a champion. First Grand Slam. What am I saying? First Grand Slam title. So it was really special. Really miss Melbourne, by the way.

Here, yeah, was obviously really difficult. She was giving interview, and I was just sitting on the bench and crying. Obviously I had a lot of emotions. I tried my best to not cry in the speech and everything. At the end I cried.

Yeah, I mean, it's not easy. Obviously I wish I would have held that beautiful trophy. Yeah, it's not easy standing when you were so close to win the title and you lost it.

Yeah, it's tough. But it is what it is. I'm just going to take the positives.

Q. To clarify. Are you not going to play Ostrava? Apparently there's one more tournament this year. Are you going to try to play it or do you want to rest?

SOFIA KENIN: Oh, yeah, I forgot there's Ostrava. I'm not going there. My agent was joking around. Oh, you want to go to Ostrava?

I don't think I'm going to go to Ostrava, given my leg. I have to rest. I had a great run here. I'm not going, unfortunately.

Q. Do you know your plans for your defense of the Australian Open? Are you going to go and do the quarantine? Have you any idea when you're going to go to Melbourne?

SOFIA KENIN: I have no idea. Obviously I know about the quarantine, two weeks. I haven't thought about it at all. I know that's what it is.

I cannot really answer because I don't know what's going to happen. Taking one day at a time. I'm pretty sure I'll do the quarantine, if I would guess. We'll see. I have to figure out my schedule.

Q. We're seeing Nadal and Djokovic playing each other for like the 50-something time. On the women's side, so many new champions, people from your generation breaking through. You're almost one of the older champions now. What is it like to be part of women's tennis in this moment when there's all these new players stepping up? Maybe it's competitive, but it's also maybe a cool time to see all this new talent emerging.

SOFIA KENIN: Yeah, I think it's great. A new generation coming up. Like I said, I think it's really good. It's a bit more competition on us, the top players. So obviously sometimes we may not like that. We obviously want to I guess keep our generation and not let the youngsters taking over. But it's always good to see youngsters taking over and playing great tennis. It's always good to mix it up.

Yeah, a great generation. We have to get ready and prepare because they're going to play better against us.

Q. You've been competing in a controlled environment over the last few months. What are some of the things that you're looking forward to doing outside tennis? What are some of the things you've missed most?

SOFIA KENIN: I miss being outside the bubble. I feel like I've been in the bubble for, like, months. It's been only a few tournaments.

Yeah, the fact that I can go out finally, do some shopping, somehow try to go back to normal life. Yeah, I mean, I guess that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to shop (smiling).

Q. Do you not consider yourself part of the young generation any more? You're only 21. Do you already feel old?

SOFIA KENIN: No, I do. I'm just speaking I guess on their behalf. No, I'm 21. I'm a youngster. I'm still in the generation. I'm fine, just to clarify (laughter).

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