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October 10, 2020

Andreas Mies

Kevin Krawietz

Paris, France

Press Conference


6-3, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Could you both describe your emotions, how it feels to win here again after everything you've been through in the last year.

ANDREAS MIES: Yeah, it's hard to describe what's going through in our head right now. It's unbelievable. I think this achievement is even bigger than winning last year. I think to win a Grand Slam title is always big, but to defend it is even more difficult. It's incredible that we did it.

We're unbelievably happy right now. We cannot believe it. It took a while last year to let it sink in. It took, I don't know, until probably coming back here in the beginning of the tournament to realize it.

Now to win it again is just unbelievable. In the moment we won the match point, it was such a big relief. It was such a close game. I wish I could have served it out easier, but it was difficult. Of course you have some nerves in the end.

But, yeah, we're super happy to win it again. Super proud of us as a team. Proud of everyone involved.

Q. Kevin, you're only now the fourth men's team in the Open Era to win consecutive titles at Roland Garros. First two appearances here. How much does it mean to be a part of the history of this event and be unbeaten?

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Yeah, to be a part of the history is always a bonus point. Yeah, of course we like to hear it, that we wrote history today. Again, a lot of emotions. Tough to say something now because it's very, very special again to defend the title.

As Andy said, we're super proud of it. Yeah, no lost here in Roland Garros, it's crazy.

Q. How much of your success is due to your great partnership on and off the court? How much is due to how well you've played here this year? How much is to do with the fact that your No. 1 fan in Germany have celebrated each time you won a match by eating a cheesecake, sometimes without a plate?

ANDREAS MIES: It's his [sic] favorite dessert. I'd like to say it's my favorite dessert. I'm going to have one after this press conference, for sure.

Say hi to our biggest fan there. She should eat a big one today for sure. She deserves it. I think we deserve also one after this performance.

Like you said, it plays a big role to get along well on and off the court. We trust each other so much. We have a blind communication on the court. We know exactly what the other person thinks and what he's going to play in a certain situation. That's helping us big-time in the big moments.

It's really a dream come true to defend the title here again by our second attempt. It's tough to believe actually when I say it. We get along well on and off the court and that helps in tennis. I think it's not only a business relationship that we have, it's a big friendship way build over the years.

We're playing now the third year together, and it's super special to share these moments together. That's what you work for every day. That's why we practice. That's what we said before the match, that these are the matches, the occasions we play for. We want to enjoy. It's special to play these kind of matches.

To win the trophy is really a dream come true.

Q. Kevin, you both looked well-organized today. You were wearing matching clothes. There was one big mistake in the final today. Kevin, you were wearing black socks, Andy white ones. Who is in charge of the socks?

ANDREAS MIES: Kevin is not wearing ankle bracelets, that's why it's not even.

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: True, true. Really, he was wearing white sox, yeah.

ANDREAS MIES: I'm wearing blue socks underneath. It's the white ankle bracelets over.

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: First round, second round with blue socks. No reason to change?

ANDREAS MIES: Never change a winning team.

Q. You got the trophy with you right now. How are you going to get it out of Roland Garros? We heard the announcement that the stadium gates are closed. Do you have any ladders with you? Climbing walls?

ANDREAS MIES: Unfortunately we're not allowed to take this big trophy with us this time again. Even if we win it again and again, they won't let us taking it.

We get the small ones again. We put it in our backpack and climb the wall to get out of this bubble we're staying in for two weeks already.

We'll do everything we have to do now. I think we have a doping after this, then our family, they had to leave the gates already so we'll meet them somewhere outside.

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: Try to celebrate.

ANDREAS MIES: Try to figure out a location. Not so easy in this situation. We make the best.

KEVIN KRAWIETZ: We'll find something to celebrate today, for sure.

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