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October 11, 2020

Bernard Giudicelli

Guy Forget

Jean-Francois Vilotte

Paris, France

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Two questions. This year you decided in March for this tournament to be happening now. For the tournament to happen May 23 to June 6, when is the latest dates that you can decide that? And a question for Guy, which is the most impressive: to win Roland Garros 13 times or to win all Grand Slams twice?

BERNARD GIUDICELLI: So I will let the question on the Grand Slam to Guy. (Laughter.)

I would say to make a decision on the tournament in May and June, it is not about ourself. Today for us the decision is made. We will play Roland Garros at the end of May and the beginning of June as it is done so far.

So we cannot today expect what will be the situation, what will be the conditions and the sanitary conditions in the next spring. We cannot have a crystal ball to find the solution.

So for us, at this point, there is no debate.

GUY FORGET: The second question, I can't imagine what it feels like to have done any of those two records. I have never been in that position. I wish I had (smiling).

But winning two Grand Slam every time is of course incredible, but in my mind, to win a Grand Slam like Roland Garros, which is probably the hardest one physically and mentally to win, to win it 12 times, I don't know, and possibly a 13th time, I don't think that record would ever be beaten again. It's just beyond anything that anyone could have imagined, you know, 10 years ago.

You know, Bjorn Borg has won this tournament six times and we thought -- I mean, Rafa has already doubled that. If you look at a career of a player, which lasts about 15 years of an average, it went from 10 to 15, to realize that Rafa has played 12 finals here and won 12 of them, I mean, to me is beyond comprehension.

Maybe in the future someone will witness something better, but in my mind that's the biggest sporting achievement any sport will ever see.

BERNARD GIUDICELLI: May I add something, as the French Federation president? Only one Grand Slam would be wonderful. (Laughter.)

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