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October 11, 2020

Victor Perez

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Final round 68 here at the BMW PGA and nobody can say you didn't give it a go, 6-under standing on 13. Tell us how the round unfolded.

VICTOR PEREZ: Obviously I knew I had to get off to a quick start. I was kind of like thinking, you're three shots back starting the day. If you can pick up those three shots as early as possible and obviously birdieing 2, eagling 4, got me right there, and whatever Tyrrell was doing, I was quite pleased with regardless of whatever he was doing -- if he was 3-under through four, as well, then so be it. But I knew I was at least giving it a run, and then made a couple good putts to end the front nine, a good save on 10, birdieing 11 and 12, getting up-and-down and I was obviously flying.

You know, you kind of take for granted the level of play you put on of the. You're 6-under through 12 and you seem like you can do it all the way to the end but it's still very difficult you have to hit shots. I knew starting today a little different wind, the back side was going to being playing harder with the wind coming in off the left towards the end and it was challenging. I just didn't execute coming down the stretch, which is part of the game.

Q. Most players say if someone says they don't look at the leaderboard on the back nine, you're lying, but you were aware of what he was doing at start of his round.

VICTOR PEREZ: I think the first time I looked as maybe on 8 tee, I think there's a scoreboard there, and I thought that we were fairly close. I looked again back on 11 and I think we were tied for the lead. I think I got tied for the lead at some point or maybe just one back. I was obviously aware of what he was doing.

I birdied 12 and I saw that he wasn't going for the green in two, so in the back of your mind you're thinking, maybe he's going to make five and you're going to be able to pick up another shot there.

But yeah, it's just difficult. You have to hit great shots coming down the stretch. 13 requires you to hit the right side of the fairway to open up the front left pin, which is difficult to do. You have to hit -- you just have to hit good shots, really, and I didn't really do that on the last six holes.

Q. Very good week all in all. What positives are you taking from this week going forward?

VICTOR PEREZ: Yeah, obviously it's quite funny when you think about where my game was maybe a month and a half to how it is today as far as results. But generally, I think it's funny how close it might seem from being good to being poor, and I think it shows the quality of everybody playing on The European Tour that you can have great weeks and actually it's not that far from being a poor week in a sense because the game is not that different, you get a bounce here and there, but everybody is so good, you have to stay really patient and not judge yourself too much on how it's going because it could go either way really.

Q. How do you reflect on that as a whole?

VICTOR PEREZ: Obviously very pleased. It's a Rolex Series Event, solo second, obviously one shy, first loser, but that's sport. I think credit to Tyrrell for playing well and I think he's put on a show for everybody, played solid and he didn't open the door much and everybody had to go get it. It's been a positive week obviously.

Q. It's been a very strange year, stop/start, what positives do you take?

VICTOR PEREZ: It's very positive to come up and have a great week like this. Obviously it's nice coming from last week in Scotland, playing well there, and then carrying on that form, so it's obviously something that I was doing last year around the same time, so it gives me a lot of confidence. It's very positive.

Q. I imagine having had the taste of winning and being in the final groups, to get that again early on after the golf we saw.

VICTOR PEREZ: Yeah, obviously it's been great to get the juices flowing again, as we say. It was obviously nerve-wracking coming down the stretch. You know you have to execute shots and they are asking you to hit really good shots. It's a ball-striker's golf course. Didn't really go my way towards the end but obviously very pleased.

Q. Lots to look forward to?

VICTOR PEREZ: Yeah, obviously in three weeks we'll be in Augusta for the Masters, so it's all good.

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