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October 11, 2020

Erik Spoelstra

Miami Heat

Game 6: Pregame

Q. The usual suspects? No changes?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: Yes, at this point no changes.

Q. We saw Jimmy walk out of here the other night with your whole team. What have you been able to do the past couple days leading up to Game 6 in terms of any on-court stuff, what did you guys do?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: We had three-hour training camp practice yesterday (laughing). It's just prep. Normal prep in between games. Our guys are ready.

Q. Just confirming, so Goran Dragic is out again tonight?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: I will give you the official lineup and everything 90 minutes from now.

Q. What's it been like with him? He's with you guys. It's tough enough in the bubble. To be around and not be able to play, like what's that sort of dynamic been like? How involved have you at least tried to get him or does he get himself?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: He's still been incredibly involved. You just have to notice on the bench what kind of leader he is. He wants to be out there with his heart and soul, but his body will tell him whether he can do it or not. Either way, he's going to make an impact.

Q. I'm curious, what are the most striking ways in which you've seen LeBron James's growth from when you've coached him to now?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: I mean, obviously, all the experiences that he's had. He's not going to get surprised by anything. He's been in every competitive situation that this league can provide you and he's been able to find success with different teams.

Q. Looking back at your time in the bubble, what were your initial expectations of what this setup would be like and how did you see that play out these last three months?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: It really has been an incredible. We just feel really fortunate to be part of this entire operation. It's a credit to the League, the Players Association, the organizations working together to make this happen. I've said this before, when we were on those calls in April and talking about a potential bubble, you know, I think all of us thought that that seemed pretty ambitious. But looking around, this clearly is the most successful way to do it in sports and we're just grateful that we have this opportunity.

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