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October 10, 2020

Patrick Reed

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. 68, how satisfying a day was that?

PATRICK REED: Making the last putt on the last definitely made it a lot more satisfying because a lot of things that I've been kind of trying to fix or tweak in my golf swing really paid off today and I felt like I hit the ball kind of where I needed to on most of the holes. A couple, distance control here and there, was a hair off on some of the shots to the green, but besides that, I felt the ball-striking was there.

I hit a lot of good putts and the putts weren't going in. Normally, so to make that one on the last definitely made me feel better and also got me a little closer to the lead and allows me to go hunting tomorrow.

Q. When you sit down tonight, what is the one thing you'll be really most pleased about?

PATRICK REED: Good question. I have to sit down and talk to my coach. The swing felt better. It felt closer. But I know there's probably a little bit -- needs to get a little tighter, but as a whole, I felt like just really staying committed to some of the iron shots here, because a lot of times you get there and look at the compass on the book and you go from previous holes, wind is supposed to be in off left or in off right and the flag looks like it's going down, the trees are going a different direction, and there's a couple times it kind of got me today, whether it was not being too comfortable or iron shot kind of guiding it.

I got fortunate on 15 on one tee shot, kind of held that right edge of the fairway and I was all confused where the wind was and kind of guided that driver. Good thing is, because of where the swing is round, I feel like even if I don't make a perfect golf swing, I can still keep it in play.

I feel like I did a lot of things really well. I hit the ball solid and felt like I was hitting a lot of good putts but the ball just wasn't going in the hole. Hit a lot of putts there that just seemed to burn edges or misread it just a hair here or there and because of that, it turned out to be a satisfying day rather than a special day, and I think -- to go ahead and make eagle on the last, which for me I'm a drawer of the golf ball and have to step up on the tee to execute those exactly how I wanted to and making the putt definitely gives me the momentum to go ahead tomorrow and try to make a charge.

Q. Playing long, the course, it's soft, it's cold out there, you don't look like you're cold out there?

PATRICK REED: What are you talking about? It's a nice summer day over here. I've had the worse conditions over here before.

No, I've always been in short sleeves. I'll put on a vest here and there just to make sure the core stays warms, because if my core is warm, I'm good. But I had a couple tricks, like today, wearing the long sleeve in between shots, just make sure I stay warm, and putting around the greens, I'll put with a long sleeve on.

I was lucky enough that the wind didn't get too bad today. If it started blowing today, it would have gotten chilly, but it was nice. I felt like the weather held off for us and it feels good to kind of come out and get those juices flowing and get going.

Q. I know it was a late decision for you to come over and play this week, but where you're sitting round heading into the final day, does it feel like a good one?

PATRICK REED: It wouldn't have matter how I played this week. It was a great decision to come over and play. To come over, support the Tour, support the area, support the tournament that last year was my first year here, and it was unbelievable. It was something that it wouldn't have mattered how I played. It was definitely a great decision to come over and play no matter what. But definitely makes it a lot better and a lot nicer coming over and playing well, and the good thing is I put myself in position that if I go out and do something special tomorrow, go out and put some pressure on the leader, you never know.

Q. How aggressive can you be?

PATRICK REED: With me, I play aggressively as it is, so I can be really aggressive. But the thing is, how does the swing feel, what's the weather going to be like, pin placements. I'm going to pick my battles. Besides today where I rode kind of a cold putter, I'm putting really well. So if I just get within 30, 25 feet, I feel like I have a chance of making it. For me, it's more make sure I give myself as many looks as I can and go out and try to play bogey-free and make as much as I can.

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