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October 10, 2020

Jordan Smith

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. 71 today, and I brought you in for one particular reason, and it's not the 9th hole. It's the second. This is the very first shot we saw in coverage today. Talk us through. It hole-in-one.

JORDAN SMITH: We couldn't really tell if it had gone in. We knew it was obviously straight, just like a three-quarter 9-iron drawing on the wind nicely. Yeah, there you go.

Q. Your reaction is fantastic.

JORDAN SMITH: I think it's because of the sunlight coming in the trees. Couldn't quite see and someone just shouted "on the green."

Q. How many holes-in-one is that?

JORDAN SMITH: That's my first as a pro and I think I've only had one other. Yeah, it's nice to get it here.

Q. How special is it to be able to say you got it at the Flagship Event on The European Tour?

JORDAN SMITH: Just a shame there aren't some crowds there just going nuts. It's great just to have the hole-in-one and yeah to have it on this course.

Q. The second hole, talk me through it.

JORDAN SMITH: We couldn't see if it had gone in or not. We weren't too sure. It sort of landed and we were like, can't see it, and someone shouted, yeah, it's gone in. I think it's my first one as a professional, it's nice, yeah.

Q. Such a shame no crowds to give you that roar.

JORDAN SMITH: That would have been nice.

Q. Another solid round. How do you reflect on things going into the final day?

JORDAN SMITH: I was a bit disappointed with today, a few wayward shots. Probably a bite to eat and coffee to warm up and a few balls on the rage.

Q. How is it all playing out there for you?

JORDAN SMITH: It's just nice to be here. It's just nice to actually have a tournament to play. It's a lot different to other years. It's a lot longer, a lot softer, a lot colder, but yeah, I think everyone's enjoying it and we can't really complain.

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