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October 9, 2020

Grant Forrest

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. A 67 to move to 8-under par. How pleased are you with where you are round in this event?

GRANT FORREST: Really pleased. First week playing this golf course, it's playing long and soft.

Q. Does it live up to its reputation?

GRANT FORREST: It definitely does. At the start of the week, the holes are shaped, the greens -- place is in excellent condition.

Q. Lovely run of birdies on your opening nine. Talk us through this one.

GRANT FORREST: Tee shot, obviously can't really see the bottom of the flag from the tee. I was a little bit surprised to come up a bit short. That's the place to leave an uphill putt.

Q. What's been the secret to your performance for these first couple of days?

GRANT FORREST: This course is just about hitting quality golf shots. You just have to hit good shots. We've had quite a lot of wind, as well, the first day and a half. Just really be in control of the ball.

Q. From your experiences so far, you have a couple of Top-20s in a row. What do you feel you can take from your experience and success on The Challenge Tour going in with a chance to win on the weekend here?

GRANT FORREST: Challenge Tour prepares you so well for coming out here. All of the events are a lot stronger fields and you just try to put yourself in position for the weekend.

Q. If a scoreboard tells a picture, is yours representative?

GRANT FORREST: The first eight holes was, I played excellent, didn't really miss a shot. Obviously made a couple putts. Lost a ball on 18. Hit it right off the tee, so that was the only real blip. I did well to make birdie on the second one. That kept the momentum going into the last eight holes. It was a little bit scrappy on the last few holes, but managed to hole out really well. Parred my way in. So yeah, really happy.

Q. It did look like 18 might have been a bit of a momentum killer for your back nine, which was front nine here. How much does weather have anything to do with that, because it was raining and it stopped and then the wind would pick up.

GRANT FORREST: Yes, it's just a little bit of a tricky tee shot for me, because I can't -- if I hit driver, and I pull it left at all, with the wind being off the right, it's going to carry over the last bunker to go out-of-bounds. So I have to hit a 3-wood, and just not really got comfortable on that tee yet.

So you know, looking forward to trying to give it another go tomorrow and just really committing to our line.

Q. A lot of players have said how strategic this course is, especially in the summer where the fairways are running hot. Playing longer obviously at the moment, but does it give you an opportunity to go for the pins a lot more than normal?

GRANT FORREST: Definitely, it's a lot more target golf. I think that's why you see some really low scores. You know, I've never played it when it's been firm, but I can imagine -- my caddie, John, was telling me some of the holes when you play them firm, it's a different golf course.

Q. You've put yourself in a great position. Is there anything you want to work on before tomorrow?

GRANT FORREST: Just go to the range, hit a few balls now. Just lost my rhythm a little bit coming in there, but yeah, all in all, pretty happy.

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