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October 9, 2020

Sei Young Kim

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA

Aronimink Golf Club

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: We're here with Sei Young Kim, who is atop the leaderboard at -4. So many birdies on the day, including a 29 on the front nine, which was your back nine. It actually ties the nine-hole scoring record for the championship. What changed for you and what got into you there on that front nine? You played so well.

SEI YOUNG KIM: The wind fluctuated on the back nine, so I struggled with my iron game, but when we entered the front nine, the wind kind of slowed down and it was kind of easier to attack with my irons. I made a few three-putts, which I regret, but overall I had a good round.

THE MODERATOR: How has the course changed since we got here on Monday when it was long and soft to today? We here it's starting to firm up.

SEI YOUNG KIM: During my practice rounds, the fairways and greens were pretty soft. It firmed up starting yesterday, I remember, so just strategizing to attack the greens. I'd try to land it a little short so I can have some release, but it really helped me out.

THE MODERATOR: We have some leaderboards out there on the course; were you watching leaderboards to know that you were working your way up the leaderboard, or how aware were you?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I tried to focus on my game. Honestly I didn't look at the leaderboard. I was in a good momentum so I just wanted to ride on that. So to answer your question, I did not look at the leaderboard.

Q. You made six birdies on your final nine holes. What was the best one?

SEI YOUNG KIM: If I had to choose one, the birdie on 14 was pretty good because it was a long birdie putt, and that's when I started the four-birdie streak, so I think that really helped me with momentum and finishing strong.

Q. How long was the birdie putt?

SEI YOUNG KIM: 10 meters, so that's about -- about 10 meters.

Q. I was wondering about the birdie lengths for the four in a row; is that too hard?

SEI YOUNG KIM: The second one was about three feet, the third, 10 feet, and the last one about another three feet.

Q. I know you played some golf in Korea before you came over here, but what did you do during the time off? Did you make any changes? Did you do anything different?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I didn't give any significant changes to my game. I played a few events in Korea and tried to just maintain the golfing game while I was off. But I didn't put any changes in my game.

Q. Do you feel ready to win a major?

SEI YOUNG KIM: It's always my goal.

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