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October 9, 2020

Seul-Ki Hawley

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA

Aronimink Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Seul-Ki, thanks for joining us today. Maybe just talk about your experience here at Aronimink for two days, how you played and just how memorable this week always is for you.

SEUL-KI HAWLEY: This week has been unreal. I'm kind of sad it's over. It's been great because I was able to catch up with my fellow PGA Cup teammates, Joanna Coe and Alison Curdt, which I never get to see during the season, so it was really nice to see them in person, catch up with them. But also spend some time golf talking, you know, about our swings, what we're working on. So it's been really nice to see friends this weekend.

It was also amazing to see the players in person, and also being able to play the golf course as it is. When you see it on television, I don't think you're seeing the elevation changes out there as much as you think, and so it's been just a phenomenal week. We've been treated so well by our sponsors, KPMG as well as the PGA organization.

You know, we work hard. Sometimes I forget that we're not doing this for a living when you're here for the whole week, right. You want to play good as well as these girls that do it for a living. But it's an amazing experience for us to see it first hand as instructors so we can take that back to our members and to our students.

Q. How hard is it to balance that, especially maybe in the month as you lead up to championship week, to do those lessons, and Lord knows golf is more popular this year than it has been in recent times, and balance that while also being able to polish your own game? That must be an incredible challenge in itself.

SEUL-KI HAWLEY: Yes, I think that's something I need to do better is to soak in what I've accomplished and how I got here. Sometimes I don't give myself enough credit to the number of hours I spend teaching my students but also grinding on my game, working on my game, on that other half. You've only got 12 hours a day, and I know that every one of us that were here, all eight of us, have spent our time diligently, productively to be where we are and to have this opportunity. We worked, we help our students, but we also set aside time for ourselves to work on our games so we can be best prepared for this past week.

Q. So this opportunity you speak of is for two days or four days if you play very well, to measure yourself against the best in the world, and that's not only a unique opportunity, but I think it must be also challenging. They set such a high standard, the play is so dynamic on the Tour, but how do you take something away, maybe go home and improve your own game?

SEUL-KI HAWLEY: Today, for example, I was striking the ball a little bit better than yesterday. I know my score doesn't show it. But I think the biggest thing I take away from today is my trajectory in terms of the ball flight here. You know, with some of the pin placements out here on the Donald Ross greens, the greens were firm, and so if you're hitting these low trajectory shots, the green would like bounce off the green and you'd be in trouble pin high. Trajectory was a huge thing where you can land the ball soft and position yourself a little bit better on the greens, and that's something that I've learned for my game but something that I'm going to pay closer attention to for my students going forward.

Q. Your husband, I believe, is your caddie.


Q. Was this the first time in a high-caliber event like this that he's caddied for you?

SEUL-KI HAWLEY: No, this is his second time. Well, it's my second major, so he's been my caddie. The contract for being married is that he's my forever caddie. We're great partners. You know, he's very rational. He really helps me pick good club selection throughout the day when we're playing. He's really good to just talk to and kind of slow down my mind. I think sometimes my mind can race, and he's just absolutely great at just calming me down.

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