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October 9, 2020

Linnea Strom

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA

Aronimink Golf Club

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Here with Linnea Strom, finishing at 2-under, an even par day for you. What was the differences between how you were feeling yesterday into today?

LINNEA STROM: Well, going into today, I just tried to reset from yesterday and just continue to play smart out there, and the wind was pretty strong today, as well. The wind is for sure the tricky part of this course. And then today I also thought that some of the pin placements were pretty hard, so I just tried to hit the right spots on the green and then accept that it's good with pars on some of these holes.

THE MODERATOR: You had nine consecutive pars on the back nine there. Take us through some of those holes. How important is it to stay consistent as you go through that back nine?

LINNEA STROM: Yeah, normally it's easy to get a bit frustrated when you just feel like you keep making pars and pars even when you hit the greens, but on this course I would say that par is pretty good, so I just tried to stay in the present, and I was hoping for some birdies to drop on the back nine, but they didn't, so hopefully can get them going tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: What are some of the things to maybe take away and improve upon going into the weekend and being right up there in contention?

LINNEA STROM: Yeah, well, I'm happy where I am in this position, so I think for me, just to continue to stay focused and just do what I can do and not affect anything else, so just have fun out there.

Q. There's a couple of players from your alma mater up on the board, as well. When you first came out on Tour, turned pro or even in college, how much did Anna or Carlota influence you?

LINNEA STROM: Yeah, well, they are players that I really look up to, and even the years as a junior and as an amateur I followed their career on the LPGA Tour. It's very fun to finally be out here and to play on the same level as they do. I'm just enjoying it, and I continue to look up to them.

Q. Through two days here, what's been the best part of your game?

LINNEA STROM: Good question. I would say my iron game. Yesterday I was very good off the tee, but today I was spreading it a little bit more, so I was a little bit more in the rough. So I would say I hit my irons pretty good to always just try and get it back to the middle of the green.

Q. And that stretch of pars on the back nine, were they stress-free pars, or any good up-and-downs in there?

LINNEA STROM: A couple good up-and-downs. I had a good up-and-down on the 10th hole and then a good up-and-down on 15, as well. Yeah, not always on the green but still pretty decent.

Q. Did you like this course from the moment you saw it?

LINNEA STROM: I do. I said after the first practice round I had a really good feeling about the course, and to me that's hitting it pretty far, I think you have a little bit of advantage on this course, as well.

Q. Annika Sorenstam turns 50 today. How much have you been inspired by her? As you know, "inspire greatness" is the theme of this week, but how much impact has your career had on hers?

LINNEA STROM: Yeah, I met her for the first time when I was 12 years old and she had a camp in Sweden, and I played the Annika Cup, the tournament she has hosted in Europe, and I ended up winning that. I think ever since I met her, she's been really inspiring, and she's really good at giving back to the younger girls, and of course coming from Sweden, I feel like that connection is very important, as well.

Yeah, it's always been a big motivation, what she's done.

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