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October 9, 2020

Tommy Fleetwood

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Good 4-over par after nine yesterday, I'd have thought you'd jumped at the chance to be in the position you're in now heading into the weekend.

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, I felt all right. I was 4-over very early yesterday. I hit a couple of ropey shots and I hit a couple of all right shots and it just felt really hard. The wind was swirling, a couple of daft things, but you know, I stayed on a very even keel. I just tried to keep playing, really. And then played really well for the back nine. I played well today. Didn't particularly, you know, hole one long putt. I didn't particularly do anything out of the blue that was amazing to get that score. However many holes that's been, last 29 holes, 28 holes, happy with how I've played.

There's times when I find this course difficult, really. I've always felt like that. But today I sort of found a score, pretty comfortably, which is a nice thing.

Q. What is it about the course that presents difficulties for you?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Oh, no, because I'd like to sort that out. Then shots I've found difficult to hit, like a shape of shot that suits a particular hole, at times the greens are hard to read, but it's better the first two days than I have been doing, which is nice. I've been working on that.

Then yeah, I've just never particularly found my feet around this golf course as well as I'd like to. You know, so it's nice when you're sort of playing decent rounds, even yesterday, it was a fantastic back nine, but even breaking par felt really nice, whether I shot 1-under like in a normal way or whatever, that would have felt nice. It's been good the first two days.

Q. You've got a platform now. Does it feel like you're taking momentum into the weekend?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It just feels like I'm obviously continuing to hit it nice like I did last week, and yeah, today was solid, last 30 holes have been really solid so I just want to keep that up, really. The guys shot -- like Shane, fits, it's easy to look at the leaderboard and see guys that have had fantastic days.

But still two days of golf and for me, just focus on what I'm doing and knowing it's easy to say a win is a success this week, of course it is, but sort of keeping in mind how I want to play and what I want to do and the things I want to do well and seeing where we get to, really, and not get too fussed about anyone else.

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