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October 9, 2020

Jennifer Borocz

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA

Aronimink Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Jennifer, thanks for joining us here. Closed a little bit better than yesterday. The breeze is up, but you improved by two shots. Maybe talk about your play and whether you thought you improved as much as your score indicated from Thursday to Friday.

JENNIFER BOROCZ: Well, it actually got one worse. I think the live scoring was incorrect. But that's okay. Yeah, I don't know, just yesterday and today, just struggled to hit the ball the way that I'm used to striking it. Out here you've got to be able to strike the ball. Yeah, that was kind of the biggest difference.

Q. Let's talk about when you qualified last year and you knew you were going to play. We thought it may be in June and it ended up being here in early October. What's the sense of accomplishment that you felt when you left the golf course at the LPGA T & CP championship? Did this immediately register or was it something that kind of game to your mind afterwards?

JENNIFER BOROCZ: Yeah, I guess you don't -- nothing really registers until you're actually here. I had an eight-year hiatus from golf, just due to a back injury and family life, so 2019 was my first year back playing, so what an incredible thing to be able to do really my first try to make this championship. Just an incredible experience, and it's really surreal.

Q. You're the former head golf coach at Jacksonville. Did you hear from any of your former players? Are they aware of what you've been up to this week? Any well wishes that you wish to share?

JENNIFER BOROCZ: Yeah, there's definitely a couple of them. They stuck around the Jacksonville area, so I play golf with them pretty regularly, and they've been looking forward to this event, and yeah, they've been definitely wishing me good luck.

Q. I was going to ask you about -- I heard you mentioned a section event. What can an experience like this do for you when you head back and play? And where are you playing, by the way?

JENNIFER BOROCZ: It's going to be just south of Jacksonville in Palm Coast. It's the make-up event due to COVID. This event was supposed to be played in May. I actually told my husband this morning, I said, this whole experience has really made me realize that I don't practice the way that I need to, so I can take a lot away from that, just the time that I spent. I put in the amount of hours but maybe not as quality. It's definitely made me realize that I need to put in a little bit more quality practice time and not be so distracted when I'm at the golf course.

Q. When you spent eight years away from the playing side of the game, were you sure you'd play it again or did you not know you were going to play again?

JENNIFER BOROCZ: I mean, I was obviously hopeful. Back injury in 2011, back surgery in 2014, tried to come back in 2016 and just didn't have the time to dedicate to the game, so that was a huge piece of the career change was to allow me more time to practice and get out there and compete.

Obviously I'm thankful for the opportunities that I have, and I never know when an injury is going to flare up. We've had some close calls here recently, and last year, too, during the LPGA National Championship, I was injured and just fought through it. Just got to do what's best for my body and take care of it.

Q. Is there any level of pride that you take, not only representing the PGA of America as a club professional but joining this team of eight LPGA/PGA club professionals here, kind of having a team within this championship and the relationships you might have begun there?

JENNIFER BOROCZ: Yeah, there's obviously a lot of pride. There's a lot of really good players that competed in the National Championship, and to be one of just eight is pretty incredible. You know, it's an opportunity that I'll never take for granted. And yeah, I've met some women that I've never met before, and it's great for the north Florida area. We've got two here, Stephanie Eiswerth is here, as well. So I think that's pretty special for our area of north Florida.

Q. How have your friends -- you're working at the North Florida section chapter office; everybody there give you well wishes going into the week? They must have been pretty proud to have you come up here and compete like this.

JENNIFER BOROCZ: Yeah, I think typically people that work at the section office aren't necessarily playing a lot of golf, so obviously very proud. I was honored to represent the North Florida section.

Q. Did your husband caddie last year, as well?

JENNIFER BOROCZ: At the LPGA National Championship?

Q. Yeah.

JENNIFER BOROCZ: He did not. I was on my own.

Q. What's the dynamic like to have him on the bag? Did he play the TOUR?

JENNIFER BOROCZ: He did not, no. He keeps me kind of grounded, and when I start getting down, he's very positive. So that's a huge help. But he mostly just shuts up and keeps up.

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