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October 9, 2020

Brooke Henderson

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA

Aronimink Golf Club

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: We're here with Brooke Henderson, who just shot a 1-under 70. It was lots of birdie-bogey-birdie-bogey on the round, the definition of a roller coaster. How are you feeling right now?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, it was a good day overall. Nice to be under par and get it back to even for the tournament. Definitely looking forward to the weekend. It's nice to be in a good spot. I feel like today I played the course a little bit better than yesterday, understood where the misses and everything were on each hole, so that was nice. Yeah, like I said, just happy. It was a little bit up and down, as you said, but it was nice when I made a bogey, I seemed to bounce right back, which was nice.

Q. You were kind of streaky. What was the mentality of keeping your mind moving forward when the score is going back and forth?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, I was able to get a birdie early and that kind of settled some nerves on my second hole of the day, and then after that, yeah, it was a little bit up and down. But like I said, I felt like I understood the golf course a little bit better. I felt like I hit good shots. Some of the bogeys were a little bit unfortunate, but hopefully I got all the bogeys out of the way today and we'll be better tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: You're a major champion; you know these two days are setting you up for the weekend. Do you rely on that experience as a major champion when you come to weeks like this?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I feel like if you can get two solid rounds of golf in the first two days, then anything can really happen on the weekend, and so it's nice to be at even, know that I can go low out here and hopefully just have two great rounds Saturday and Sunday and see what happens.

Q. Just wondering if you could talk me through a little bit your thoughts on the golf course through two rounds.

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it is a very difficult golf course, but I feel like if you play smart, hit it to the correct places on the fairways and the greens, you can make pars easily and an occasional birdie. I feel like you definitely have to have a great strategy around here and just be patient. The greens are so big, and sometimes you can't really chase a lot of pins, so for me I feel like I'm patient a lot of time and just hitting it to the middle of the green.

Q. Obviously the last two days you've been paired with Danielle, who's tied for the lead right now. Do you pay much attention to what the other golfers in your group are doing through rounds, especially if they're tied for the lead, or are you more so wrapped in what you yourself are doing?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I feel like for this golf course I've been really just trying to stay focused on my plan and not try too hard, like if I see her making birdies, not try to force anything, just try to stay patient. It was also really nice today that Danielle played well, and also Hannah played great today, so it was kind of fun. The three of us were just kind of feeding off each other a little bit, and it's nice to have that type of group, especially on a Friday morning.

Q. Same kind of game plan moving into the weekend that you've had the last couple days do you think?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I think so. I think it depends a lot on how tucked the pins are tomorrow and Sunday, but for the most part I think everything will be pretty similar. Maybe they might make it a little bit longer tomorrow. I'm not sure. But yeah, I feel like just patience and hopefully stick to our strategy.

Q. After yesterday's round, what did you do to prepare for today?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I just talked to Brit about some of the things that we needed to do a little bit better, tried to reflect. It was a good round, even though it was over par. It's a tough golf course. We just tried to be a little bit better today. Went through some of the holes and just tried to refine our plan a little bit on some holes that we needed to do that. But overall just tried to go out today and do something similar to yesterday and hopefully just climb up the leaderboard a little bit.

Q. Reflecting back on your round today, is there any point where you felt like you might have left a missed opportunity out there that you wish you could have back, or is that something you just avoid thinking about altogether?

BROOKE HENDERSON: I feel like every major championship there's a lot of those shots, so I definitely feel like there are a lot today that I would have liked to have back. But at the same time I feel like I did a good job of when I did make a mistake bouncing right back and getting a birdie, which was really nice. I feel like I keep saying it, but just patience and just trust that the plan is working and hopefully just make a few more birdies tomorrow.

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