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October 9, 2020

In Gee Chun

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA

Aronimink Golf Club

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: We'll ask you a few questions in English and then turn it over for a few questions in Korean. In Gee, you had a great round today, 3-under, looks like you had four birdies and one bogey. How did you feel you played today here at Aronimink?

IN GEE CHUN: I had a great round today, and I feel -- I really enjoy playing in Pennsylvania because I had my biggest victory from Lancaster in Pennsylvania. One of my sponsors SAP's headquarters are there, and I feel it's a big support to me. I think I had a great round and great time in Aronimink, as well, so yeah.

THE MODERATOR: Tell me about your round today, the four birdies. Were you just playing steady golf today or were there any moments that were particularly good for you?

IN GEE CHUN: I felt at the beginning this week, I felt my shot was great, so I'm glad I got my game back. I trust myself. I had a great round yesterday, as well. It's just I got four putts for only one hole. I tried to keep trust and enjoy playing with my caddie and my friends.

THE MODERATOR: You mentioned Lancaster, a very important place for you, not that far away. What would it mean to you to get another win in Pennsylvania, a state that's so special to you?

IN GEE CHUN: I really want to make another good memory to me, so I try my best this week, and hopefully I can make a good rhythm and ensure good things with all my friends in Lancaster, in Pennsylvania.

Q. Do you have a place in Lancaster?

IN GEE CHUN: I don't have a place in Lancaster. Maybe I will buy a house after retirement, but I feel she's like my second grandmom, so I stay at her house all the time.

Q. When were you last there?

IN GEE CHUN: Before ShopRite I was there.

Q. Is this someone you met when you came over for the U.S. Women's Open, this second grandma?

IN GEE CHUN: Yeah, and I have In Gee Chun Lancaster Education Foundation, and she's one of the board members, so yeah. It's been around four years. I met her before the tournament through the foundation that I work with at the hospital, and all the great ideas that she offered and helped me collaborate on that hospital and that foundation, so help support that. So now we help for the local caddies and students there, help them reach their goals. I help for 21 students.

Q. Scholarships?

IN GEE CHUN: Yeah, the scholarships. So even I met one of the (recipients) from last year at the KPMG course. He's starting an internship from the PGA, so he did a follow our group, and after finish the round he came to me and said thank you for your help. It was a great memory.

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