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October 8, 2020

Patrick Reed

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. This is a very special tournament to us and you've added some star quality coming over from the United States. What's the motivation behind the decision?

PATRICK REED: The biggest thing for me is I've always wanted to be a worldwide player, and that being said, all the things that the European Tour has done for me, after my win at Augusta, becoming a lifetime Member, playing here, just the support I get from the fans over here in Europe, as well as the support I get from the tour in general, it was an event that I felt like being their Flagship Event, I had to come over and play.

It wouldn't have been right, I felt like for me, to not come and play, no matter where I was on The Race to Dubai; it wouldn't have been right. Because being a guy that wants to kind of set a trend and hopefully inspire younger guys to come over and play, and not just take the easy route and stay home on the PGA Tour in America, go around the world, travel the world, play and enjoy.

So for me, I felt like that was a big part of it, coming over and just supporting as much as I can on this tour, considering I really enjoy coming over here and playing.

Q. You're in great shape in The Race to Dubai, and you have the brilliant win in WGC México. This has put you in top spot in The Race to Dubai. How much have you got an eye on trying to win The Race to Dubai and what would that mean to you?

PATRICK REED: It would mean a lot to me. It's a dream of mine and a goal of mine to not only win The Race to Dubai, but win worldwide. So for me, it's very important, but really, I don't try to look at the end result, and kind of that far down the road.

I want to take care of each and every day and try to get better with my game and be in on Sundays. If you're doing that enough, competing Sunday afternoons and you're able to close them off, then that end result, winning The Race to Dubai, FedExCup FedEx things like that, it all comes together and falls in place.

So really the biggest thing for me this week is to continue hopefully playing well, clean it up a little bit and hopefully have a chance late Sunday and see where that takes me.

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