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October 8, 2020

Tyler Herro

Miami Heat

Practice Day

Q. Tyler, first of all, you played both in Game 3 and Game 4 very aggressive defense. It will be the key for Game 5 for your team?

TYLER HERRO: Yeah, same thing. You know, Game 4 we felt like we were right there. They made a couple more plays than us down the stretch, but coming into Game 5 we have to -- you know, we played aggressive on defense, but we have to take it to an even another level, to a level that we've probably haven't taken it yet.

It's a level we have to take it to in order for us to get back into this thing.

Q. And also, about your experience here in the bubble in your rookie season, what's the biggest lesson for you on those days in the bubble?

TYLER HERRO: I think just being able to get the experience of playing in the playoffs, whether there are fans or not, was probably my biggest take away from this. Just being able to get that experience. We've seen a lot. Seen a lot of defenses. A lot has been thrown our way, and we've seen it all, so it was a great experience for me.

Q. Any interesting texts you've gotten with advice from D Wade or Coach Cal or any former Kentucky teammates in the NBA? Anything last couple days which stuck with you?

TYLER HERRO: I've talked to Coach Cal almost every day after every game. Just pretty much telling me that we're right there. We can play with these guys. They made a few more plays down the stretch than us, but other than that we know we're right there, step for step with them.

This series isn't over is the advice that he gave to me.

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