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October 8, 2020

Erik Spoelstra

Miami Heat

Practice Day

Q. Did Goran practice today, and how does his status look for tomorrow's game?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: Status is still the same. He went through the film session and that was the bulk of what we did. Status is the same with Goran.

Q. So he was listed as doubtful before the other game. Would that mean it would be the same?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: Same status.

Q. After the game, Bam said he was not 100 percent on Tuesday. He's had two days in the interim. How is he looking? Does he look closer to you?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: Bam is going to be just fine tomorrow. I'm not getting into percentiles. His full competitive spirit will be ready to go tomorrow night.

Q. Going into Game 5, you guys obviously are on the brink of elimination. What is the thing that you stress the most going into this game -- the mental aspect, the adjustments you want to make?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: Look, we think it's a really competitive series. We have a purpose of why we're here. We're competing for a title, and it's the first team to four wins. There's a lot of different narratives out there. We don't give a [expletive] what everybody else thinks. This is everything that we wanted this year, an opportunity to fight for, compete for a title, and that hasn't changed at all through these first games.

Q. What can you share with us about the messaging from film today, assuming it was before you guys came over --

ERIK SPOELSTRA: Yeah, it's not anything dramatic. There's probably a lot of different narratives out there. We are here for a purpose. It's as simple as that. This is everything that we wanted, an opportunity to compete for a title against a great team. We never thought that it was going to be easy. That's the way this playoff system is designed. It's supposed to get more challenging every step of the way.

I know the character of our group, and we are still very much committed to what our purpose is and look forward to the competition tomorrow. Whatever the storylines that are out there, we don't care. Our guys are the ones who are out there in the arena marred by dust, blood, sweat and tears. Our guys are the ones out there. Twenty-eight other teams aren't out there. Everybody else is basically on their comfortable couches spectating on this one. Our guys are the ones that are in the arena, and that's right where they are meant to be.

Q. Have you been made aware yet of what Gary Payton wrote for The Players' Tribune?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: I did. You know who told me was Goran. I was really moved by it, particularly coming from GP. I had goose bumps. It was just the right timing, and what a pleasant surprise, to come from one of the former champions. He knows how difficult competing for a title is, regardless of how you get there, what the score is in the series. At this point, it's the first team to four. That's the only thing that matters.

Q. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, your time in the bubble, the Lakers' time in the bubble, our time in the bubble, is coming to an end. How much thought have you put into re-assimilating to what it is like? You talked about Bam should be able to not wear a mask on the sidelines because it's fine, it's safe in here. Have you thought about that dichotomy at all?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: I have not, other than my conversations with my wife and our kids and school. That kind of brings you back to reality. Other than that, no, I haven't given any thought, for right or wrong, to anything outside this bubble right now that's not family related.

Q. The different adjustments and the pressure that AD put on Butler, how are you going to try to handle that?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: That's what competition is all about, stepping up and figuring it out. They closed that game better than we did. Whether AD is on him for the full 40-plus minutes or not, we have to be able to overcome it. Our guys are looking forward to that kind of challenge.

Q. After the loss in Game 4, which of your players would you say has been the most vocal, stabilizing force in the locker room, making sure everyone is focused and the team is well prepared?

ERIK SPOELSTRA: Our guys don't need stabilization. We don't need a character test. We don't need a competitive temperature. We all know where our guys are. I don't think you could understand unless you were in the locker room, so I'm not really going to waste time trying to explain to everybody.

We are here for a purpose. We are trying to compete for a title. That has not changed. And our players, our guys are the ones in this arena, marred by sweat, tears, blood. And that's right where they are meant to be.

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