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October 8, 2020

Duncan Robinson

Miami Heat

Practice Day

Q. After Game 4 you had a day off. How did that help you go about preparing physically and mentally for Game 5?

DUNCAN ROBINSON: We took some time off yesterday just to kind of get away from it a little bit, and we reconvened today, met, watched film, went over some stuff, practiced, got some work in, and we're all ready for tomorrow.

Excited for the opportunity.

Q. And also about Game 5, how is the atmosphere in the locker room, and will you change anything about your approach on the game?

DUNCAN ROBINSON: Honestly, the sense of urgency is even more. I thought we had a good sense of urgency in Game 4, but this game tomorrow is going to require more from us. We're excited about it. We're all locked in and ready to go.

Q. I'm sure you guys are exasperated about the number of fouls on three-point shots we've seen throughout the playoffs called against you guys. How much has Spo talked about that the last couple weeks, and what's been the message from the staff on how to avoid those?

DUNCAN ROBINSON: Yeah, we talked about it. A big emphasis for us right now is trust, in that you just got to trust that you're in the right spots and doing the right things. Sometimes you just got to live with getting a good contest. If they make them, they make them. But we can't be bailing guys out on three-point attempts and just giving them free ones at the line.

It's something we've addressed and talked about. Hopefully we can clean it up here for Game 5 and moving forward.

Q. And do the coaches now want you guys jumping into three-point shooters? I know how tempting that must be.

DUNCAN ROBINSON: Yeah, you know, there are some technical adjustments you can make that we talked about, so it's just an attention to detail. I think we'll be better moving forward.

Q. I'm curious, as somebody who's interested in politics, can things like that, what it's been like being here when everything else in the outside world is so different, do you feel disconnected? And I'm just curious about the mental aspects of that level of disconnection.

DUNCAN ROBINSON: Definitely feel a certain level of disconnection. When you're here, you very much feel like you're in a bubble and kind of secluded and separated from the outside world.

It's been interesting staying in touch with family and friends that are outside, basically just getting updates on everything. A lot of questions, I ask a lot of questions about how everything is in Miami, how everything is back home where I'm from.

Just try to get a pulse as best you can. Obviously we know when we leave here we'll be thrown back into the fire, the chaos of it all. We'll see how it goes.

Q. Whenever it happens, what do you think it'll be like to be reintegrated into society?

DUNCAN ROBINSON: You know, it'll come with its challenges. Habits are developed over the 90 plus days we've been here. You have your daily routines that are going to have to change. That's just how it goes. The same adjustments that you made coming had here, you make them leaving.

It really is what it is. I don't have a better explanation than that. Just kind of got to go with the flow.

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