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October 8, 2020

Anna Nordqvist

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA

Aronimink Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. What a day for you out here today. How are you feeling off Aronimink?

ANNA NORDQVIST: Yeah, it was tough out there. I know it can blow here, but I didn't expect it to blow that hard that early, and it was really cold. I felt like I hit a lot of really good shots today. There was a lot of release on the greens. I'm not one of the longer hitters out there so you're going to have some longer clubs in. But I felt overall it was really solid. Felt like I putted really solid. A lot of good two-putts. Yeah, I wasn't really in trouble all day.

Definitely happy with my start.

Q. What did you learn about the course when you first got here? I'm assuming you've never been here before or have you?

ANNA NORDQVIST: No, I never have been here before. Like KPMG has put us up on some incredible golf courses the last couple years, so I knew it would be another good one, and obviously heard great things about it. I hit a lot of hybrids into the greens on the first couple days here, so I knew it was going to be playing tough, especially in the morning when the ball is not really flying, either. But I mean, overall I think it's a great venue, and everything KPMG does is top class. It's awesome to be here, and it definitely feels like a major, and I think it's definitely one of the tougher courses I've played on Tour.

Q. You say it feels like a very long course. You said you're not one of the longest hitters. How important is it to be consistent especially with not only your short game but with your approaches to the green?

ANNA NORDQVIST: Yeah, it definitely is. I think I missed one fairway today, and that definitely helps. But you can have some long irons, and middle of the green is never going to hurt you out here. Just trying to put yourself in good position. I feel like me and my caddie Paul, we've been doing great, having a good strategy going into the week and knowing where to give yourself a chance to make a par if you miss.

Q. You were close there in Wal-Mart a couple weeks ago. What have you learned about your game since that event to really prepare for a major like this one?

ANNA NORDQVIST: Well, I played so well at Arkansas. I've been working hard on my putting because it really hasn't been great all year. But I feel like the last couple weeks I've been rolling the putter a little bit better, so that definitely helps. But I feel like when I'm on my game and I play well, I can be up there. It's just a matter of finding my game and knowing that when I do play well, I can be up there and in contention.

Q. As a past champ here, how special is it to return here every single year? You talked about how KPMG and the PGA select some great courses, but what's it like to come back here as a past champion?

ANNA NORDQVIST: Yeah, seeing the trophy, I mean, they've added another tier to it, so it's a little bit bigger than when I won it. It's always going to be one of my prouder moments, winning a major and having your name, having your parking spot. You know, at registration on Sunday and Monday, seeing the trophy and seeing your name on it, it's such a proud moment and no one can ever take that away from me. It's just one of those -- I'm going to have a great feeling in this event because it means a lot to me, so just obviously very happy to -- I see the trophy and just coming here and like the atmosphere and everything is awesome.

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