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October 7, 2020

Tommy Fleetwood

Virginia Water, Surrey, England

Wentworth Golf Club

Press Conference

Q. Flagship Event, the BMW PGA. How are you feeling after last week's Scottish Open?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Very positive. Played really well in Scotland and had things to work on which is always great. Keeps you hungry, and it's just a nice two or three-week stretch again in the U.K. events that players love coming to. My game is in good shape. Then I feel good, so looking forward to getting going.

Q. You obviously have some very fond memories, especially the albatross in 2015. How much are you thinking about the end of the season and Race to Dubai?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It's there and it's always nice to have in the background, really. I think a lot of times when we play a world tour, you go week-to-week and that's the right thing to do. Having The Race to Dubai in the back, knowing a good week can shoot you up there again, is always something lovely. I'll be lucky, I've had that for the last two or three years but it's been nice knowing you have a good week and you can look at some point and see yourself right up there in The Race to Dubai, and it's great. It's still my proudest thing in golf winning The Race to Dubai, really, for playing over a whole year and finishing the highest in that ranking, I think it's an amazing achievement.

To be around and have another chance this year is great, but focus on this week for now.

Q. You would have been accustomed to some tough weather conditions from last week. Obviously this tournament was pushed to September last year, October this year. Course going to be playing a bit different. What can we expect to see as far as numbers and how the players are going to approach it?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I think just playing a lot longer. I have a feeling there will probably be more drivers off the tee. I think like certainly less positional play off the tee. There's less options with it being as soft as it is because the ball is stopped in the fairway and get your longest club out a bit more. That's really the main difference, and you'll probably hit more mid- to long-irons in, where in the past holes can play so firm and start running, you can shape it off the tee with less club and get it running and pitch in and control your ball. I think it's just different this year being colder and damper and later in the year.

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