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October 5, 2020

Kelly Olynyk

Miami Heat

Practice Day

Q. Just tell us what it's like to be, as far as I can tell, the first player from British Columbia in the modern era to be playing in the NBA Finals. Bob Houbregs played in 1955 and 1956. What does that mean for to be kind of blazing that trail?

KELLY OLYNYK: Yeah, I mean, that's kind of what it's all about. Obviously, kind of hardly home, always representing. You know, I'm proud to be Canadian, be from BC, Kamloops. And, you know, I've grown a lot, grown up there. Kind of built what I was there as a basketball player and it's prepared me for everything I'm doing now.

You know, hopefully that inspired some kids back in BC, whether it's Kamloops or Vancouver, are watching and know this stuff is possible. If you put in the work and the effort and stay true to yourself, you can pave your own path.

Q. What is the reaction last night on Game 3 for your team? And do you personally feel more responsible to play more games for Bam Adebayo who's out?

KELLY OLYNYK: Yeah, obviously it was a great win for us, a win we needed to get ourselves going.

Yeah, I mean, obviously with Bam out we got a lot of big shoes to fill: offensively, defensively, scoring, on the glass. He does an immense amount of things for our team. Obviously, it's not just me. It's everybody picking up his slack where he leaves off. Hopefully we can get him back and healthy, but until then, we got to pick up for our guy who's down.

Q. You think this win will give you the momentum about the Game 4?

KELLY OLYNYK: Yeah, I mean, we just got to carry that into Game 4. Obviously, they're going to come with a plan to be better in Game 4. We got to be better ourselves. The same game we played in Game 3 isn't going to win Game 4. We know that.

Q. Just wondering, like given your history in big games, always in big games for like the national team, like how much has that helped you kind of step in and like contribute like a lot with Bam out here in the Finals?

KELLY OLYNYK: Yeah, the national team has been huge for me in my development, just playing against pros all the time. Basically when you play with the national team every game isa do-or-die game, a playoff game when you're in those tournaments. That's basically what you're playing right now in the playoffs. It's definitely been great preparation for me. Playing with the national team and having to be an option and a guy that is counted on a lot, that goes into stepping into a role right now where my team is counting on me to do some things out here and be great.

Q. Given your skillset, it looks like you have some advantages over guys like Dwight and Anthony. What are you seeing out there with your quickness and shooting ability?

KELLY OLYNYK: You just try to space the floor. Draw them out the paint. When the Lakers go big they protect the rim really well, protect the paint, and it really makes it difficult on our guards and guys like Jimmy to get had there and to do damage. If we can spread the floor and make it difficult on them, whether they're trying to switch or do whatever, we got to be able to capitalize and just using your skills to your advantage.

Q. Just talk to me a little bit about what's been the biggest difference for you. You obviously played more minutes, put up some big numbers in the last couple games. What's been the difference for you out there?

KELLY OLYNYK: Yeah, obviously that opportunity helps, but I'm just getting out there and seizing the opportunity and knowing that I need to make plays in order for us to be successful.

Our teammates trust each other moving the ball, being unselfish, whether it's Jimmy making the right plays our guys making extra passes. Whatever it is, and then just taking advantage when the opportunities come. Just kind of playing in a flow. Not pressing things too much. Just letting the game come to you. When you do that, that's when you'll be most successful.

Q. How has it been being matched up with Anthony Davis there who is looking like potentially the Finals MVP?

KELLY OLYNYK: Yeah, for us we're just trying to limit his opportunities, make it as tough as we can on him. He got in foul trouble early in the last game and then in the second half just got to limit him. He's been great so far in the first few games, but we got to do whatever we can to keep him under wraps.

Q. I was at Thanksgiving dinner party last night with your buddy, Scott Pineo. He's living and dying with every single one of your shots and a lot of people like that right now in Kamloops. Do you understand the sway and the power you have right now in households across Kamloops?

KELLY OLYNYK: Maybe not as much as I thought. When I go back to Kamloops it's wonderful. I love that place, that town, my family. That town really raised me. It's been unbelievable. Guys like Scott and all my friends and family back there and everybody else running my camp back there, it's been an unbelievable support system for me. I'm glad that I can bring them along with me on this journey to the Finals, and hopefully they keep watching and stick with us and we can do something great.

Q. I was just texting back and forth with your high school coach. How do you think he would assess your play through the series so far?

KELLY OLYNYK: You know, I have talked to him a few times in the last week as well. He's always been in my corner. He's been huge influence on me as a player helping me get to where I am. Helping me get to Gonzaga first and then the NBA, and helping me when I go back.

He's a great basketball mind and has done a lot of great things for the basketball in Kamloops. I'm glad to have him in my life. He's been great for me. You know, it's just that support system.

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