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October 4, 2020

Mel Reid

Galloway, New Jersey, USA

Seaview, A Dolce Hotel

Quick Quotes

MEL REID: Just been doing a lot of really good stuff the last six weeks and trying to make progressions. (Indiscernible - wind) It was weird. So, yeah, I'm just over the moon. Just so happy for myself and my team. There is a lot more to it than just me hitting a golf ball.

A lot of people have stood by me through thick and thin. Just credit to them. I can't wait to just kind of call them and give them a massive thank you. They've done this as well.

Yeah, it's a big team behind me.

Q. You got off to such a great start. Then hot the back-to-back bogeys and fell out of the lead. Some adversity there. You came back with a lot of birdies in a row. Your emotions there and what got you back on track?

MEL REID: Yeah, I hit good a putt on 7. It just kind of went right and hard lipout.

Great birdie on 8. Made a great putt there. Obviously 9 was an easy birdie. And then 11 and 12 was kind of a steal. Probably the toughest hole on the golf course. I kind of hit a really bad drive off the tee and probably did us a favor to be honest.

That was a steal birdie. And then just played pretty solid golf from there on in. Hit a great putt on 15. I kind of willed that ball in. It was missing right all day and it went in manage, so just over the moon.

Q. You talked yesterday about getting your first win in America. It's a process. What's that feel like at the moment?

MEL REID: It changes your life honestly. These are the best players in the world. The LPGA is in my opinion the best tour, the tour you want to be on if you want to be the best in the world. To win out here you get a different -- people look at you a bit differently.

So it's tough to win out here. I can tell that you. Just it get it done is a huge relief and I'm ecstatic and now looking forward to KPMG next week.

Q. Did any thoughts of Portland come into your head during the round?

MEL REID: You know what, I read a tweet yesterday and it was probably one of the only bad tweets that I got saying she'll choke. It gave me a little bit of motivation. I'm going to reply to him tonight with this picture of me and the trophy and a big shh face.

It did give me a bit of motivation. I was like, I've going to prove it. I know it sounds stupid, but probably the best thing I could have read. I'm definitely not letting that happen. Someone is going to have to beat me today. I'm not going to give it away.

I had in my head 20-under; I think I got to 19, so luckily it was enough to get done.

Q. What was the phone call to dad like?

MEL REID: He was a bit more sober than I expected actually. He did say he had been in the Black Swan and he said he already had two people from Korea book tables for next Sunday lunch. So, yeah, Danny is a good friend of ours. He owns the pub. Yeah, so he's pretty happy with me right now. He's like, I'm getting bookings left, right, and center.

Yeah, I mean, just we've been through a lot as a family, especially as well as recently as well. Yeah, I'm just glad that he's -- just glad he was still awake. It's probably 9:00 there. He's usually in bed.

Yeah, it's just a nice moment. I just wish he was here.

Q. How much do you think your mom on a day like this?

MEL REID: Yeah, I mean, kind of when I had a two-footer to win I kind of was just thinking about it a little bit. Yeah, I mean, my blood was her blood, so she is still kind of -- I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm part of her, so just really, really proud I managed to get it done.

Everyone has been talking about it for a while or years that I should win and be contending be every week and it's not been happening.

Just changed a few things up and it's making a difference, so I'm over the moon.

Q. Like you said, there has been talk for years. How did you not let that get to you? How did you deal?

MEL REID: I changed my I mindset. I've been working with a psychologist, Howard Falco. He's done a wonder obviously. You know, I've changed management groups. They're unbelievable. Very proud to be part of them. I feel like my coach is the best in the world, Jorge Parada. I've very lucky the people I've surrounded myself with.

Like it's took me a while to get the team I wanted and valued me, and, yeah, I mean, sky is the limit now in my opinion.

Q. What's are those moments like, a lot of champagne and friends?


Q. What's that like there?

MEL REID: It's nice when your mates come out. It means the world to me. My friends are like family, so there are my family really. We're out here so many weeks away from your real family, so it's just nice to get that support. That to me means more than anything.

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