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October 3, 2020

Kelly Tan

Galloway, New Jersey, USA

Seaview, A Dolce Hotel

Quick Quotes

Q. Good day. 6-under, 65. Take me through it. Have you ever had five straight birdies before like you did on the front?

KELLY TAN: In my career? I don't think so.

Q. Was that fun?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, it is fun. Just great ball striking day. Hit them close and had a couple 20-footers that went in to get the momentum going today.

It was good to see.

Q. Yeah. How does this course play to your strengths?

KELLY TAN: I mean, I feel like this course favors players that -- I mean, obviously the roughs are not awfully long, but you don't want to be in those fescue. It's really a ball-striking, second-shot course.

I mean, obviously you still have to make putts, but it helps -- I think the last couple days I've hit 15, 16 greens and today I hit 16 greens. So gave myself a lot good looks.

Putter feels good. Yeah, excited for tomorrow.

Q. Is it going to take a very similar effort to today tomorrow to make a run up the leaderboard? Mel is at 15 now.

KELLY TAN: Okay. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, they probably still have a few hole to go. No, I just like that I'm having fun out there and playing good golf and giving myself a chance.

Yeah, it's just fun going into Sunday knowing that I have a chance.

Q. How much of it too is obviously go out there and do your best tomorrow, but how much is making sure that maybe on a normal Sunday you press a little harder to try and get a win? How much of it is making sure you kind of stay rooted so you know your game is in to a good spot for next week?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, exactly. Like I said, I just like that I'm putting myself in a good spot, you know, that I have a chance. I just feel like there is a lot for me to learn about myself on Sunday, and I just want to keep hitting good shots and giving myself good looks.

At the end of the day whatever I shoot, if it's good enough, that is amazing. If it's not, I just like being in contention. Yeah.

Q. I know you had a really good round when we talked last at ANA I think it was. You maybe followed that really good round with not the best round. Did you learn anything from those moments that could help tomorrow?

KELLY TAN: Yeah, absolutely. Just the fact that I'm hitting the ball really good since ANA and I've been giving myself a lot of chances. I feel like in ANA I lose a lot patience. It's just something that you're constantly telling yourself when you're hitting ball good. There are days you'll make everything and there are days you're just going to burning edge.

It's just something that I know that about myself and just tomorrow it's a patient game. I just want to make sure I stay patient and keep giving myself those looks.

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