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October 2, 2020

Ian Poulter

North Berwick, Scotland

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. What did you do well today?

IAN POULTER: I didn't do an awful lot different, to be honest. I made too many mistakes yesterday, which I think was frustrating, three-putting the 17th hole yesterday, which I really shouldn't do that from 30 feet. And I didn't really make too many mistakes today. I felt I kind of moved the ball around the course pretty good, put myself in decent positions and holed a couple of nice putts at the right time, and I felt that was a decent reflective score for today.

Q. With the pandemic you've been playing a lot in the States, ball through the air. How much fun is it to be back to links and see the ball always moving forward?

IAN POULTER: It's great. Links golf I think is a rarity that we get the opportunity to come and play. The Open Championship not being on this year on links golf, you want to come and play. It's great to be able to do that. We've had two great days of weather -- well, my side of the draw has certainly had the right half of it, and obviously yesterday morning was pretty tough for the guys. But it's fun, trying to land it 20 yards short, pins feeding in on some of these ridges, and it's always interesting to come and play links golf.

Q. You bring up the weather. You've had the best of it. They say tomorrow and the next day, the trophy day, Sunday, is going to be quite ugly. Let's go with the prediction; how do you programme your mind for what's coming?

IAN POULTER: It is difficult because you don't know where the pin location red zone going to be, you don't know how much rain we're going to get. Normally links golf kind of can take a lot of rain, and that's what's in the forecast. The bag is going to be heavy for Terry and the umbrella is probably going to be up for the whole day. Right now I'm just pleased to have got on the right side of the draw. I feel pretty bad for the guys that had the other side, but I've had that other fair share given many times. So I'll take this one right now.

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