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October 1, 2020

Keegan Bradley

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Quick Quotes

Q. The par save, that was big. Tell us about it because I know that made things feel a little bit better.

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I kind of got an unlucky break off the tee. I was under the lip of that bunker and kind of hacked it out and had a 15-footer or so for par on the last. There's nothing that feels better than making a nice par putt on the last hole.

Q. Talk about the conditions today; I know it was still a little soft but the greens were firm, so there's a little contrast?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, the greens are very slopey and very fast, so they're tricky. There's some tricky flags. But I just love this course so much. I love playing -- I've never played here before, and I'm really enjoying it.

Q. Five of the last six winners have been top 5 in ball-striking from tee to green. That's kind of your MO, so that obviously has to be one of the reasons you like it so much?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it is. I get up really on every tee and really feel comfortable, and I've never played here, so it's kind of a different feeling. But I really like the course. I like where I'm at, and today was a good start.

Q. For a guy who's from the northeast, you're down in the southeast. Have you had grits? Do you know what grits are?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: I actually asked somebody the other day. I thought grits were potatoes. I guess they're corn. But growing up in the northeast I loved playing on Bermudagrass. I like it more than bent, which I grew up on. I love this grass out here.

Q. Can you elaborate on what it is you liked about the course when you first saw it?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: I like courses where when you look out and you see what's going on, there's not a lot of blind shots, there's not a lot of funky hazards or out-of-bounds or stuff like that. It's just kind of right there in front of you. I like that.

Q. Tell me about the eagle you made.

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I hit a nice drive down there. It was early in the morning. It was chilly, so I had 235 hole, which would have been a nice 3-iron normally, but I cut a little hybrid in there just because I didn't think the ball was going quite far enough. I hit a perfect shot and made a nice putt.

Q. They had a really interesting stat on the broadcast about you. They said that you have seven top 10s in debuts in tournaments, including two wins.

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Wow. That's nice.

Q. What do you make of that? What is it about your first time --

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, I mean, just off the top of my head, you don't have any -- there's no memories on any hole, good or bad. Honestly I have no idea why that would be the case. But I had -- I won twice my rookie year, which are all of my first times seeing it, and I had four top 10s that year, so there's a big chunk of those numbers there.

But I'll take it.

Q. What made you come this week instead of any other -- how come you've never been here?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, it never fit into my schedule at all. But talking to the players, a lot of the players said, hey, that's a great tournament, great course, greens are real good. It was an easy decision this year.

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