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October 1, 2020

Joakim Lagergren

North Berwick, Scotland

The Renaissance Club

Quick Quotes

Q. So you went into this morning thinking, okay, this is going to be a test, but then --

JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, obviously first I'd say two and a half hours it was a war, a real battle out there. I felt like I kept it going pretty well and made a few nice putts, as well. I was 1-under after 10, and I felt like, that's really good.

Q. In your history of playing have you experienced much of links style golf or is it something that you like playing?

JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, I mean, growing up not a lot of links. Had no links courses in Sweden, I'd say, not proper links. But since I got on Tour in 2012, I mean, got some links in since then, and been doing quite well.

Q. It's quite a test, isn't it.

JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, you always need the weather to protect the course a little bit when you're playing links golf I would say. If there's no wind, usually pretty easy at a links, but it was really tough this day, so yeah.

Q. It's a bit of a progression coming; you're rolling, playing some decent golf.

JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, the last two events have been really good. Played well at Valderrama, as well, didn't really quite finish as high up as I wanted, but played well. The golf has been there the last month I would say.

Q. You've got a sequence of events now, which is great. You had that period where you didn't play. Playing a Rolex event, does it up the stakes even more?

JOAKIM LAGERGREN: I don't really think about it in that way. I'm in a tournament, going out, doing my best.

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