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October 1, 2020

Ashleigh Buhai

Galloway, New Jersey, USA

Seaview, A Dolce Hotel

Quick Quotes

Q. Ashleigh, seems like it was the perfect opportunity to capitalize on a beautiful day here in Jersey. Take us through your first round.

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, great conditions this morning. The wind was opposite direction to what we're used to, so when it picked up there was a little adjusting.

Overall, with the greens being so soft you can play super aggressive.

Q. Had a week off after the big Portland event for you. What was it like now that you've had some time to reflect on what happened about a week and a half ago?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: It was a good week. It's good that I had a week off, some time. Obviously I was disappointed, so got over that a little bit. At the same time I was very proud with how I played there.

Like I said, if you had told me at the beginning of that day that I would be seven shots behind and in a playoff I would've taken it.

So I tried to just take the feels that I was feeling there into this week, and so far I've managed to accomplish that.

Q. Yeah, it was your first playoff experience. What did you take from that, when lessons did you learn from that final day in Portland that you can take into a day like this and the rest of the weekend?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I think I learned a lot. I learnt that I was able to cope with the pressure. I was very proud of how I executed shots coming down the stretch and under the gun, so I know I can do it.

To try and keep those same feels going into this week, it's is not always easy, but I'm happy that so far I've been able to do it.

Q. This tournament bing in September it really does change the golf course. When you got here, what did you expect and how have you been able to adapt to some of the challenges Seaview is bringing out?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, the wind always gets up here, but we're used to a much firmer golf course. You can often run shots up. You have to hit some above the greens.

But with them playing so soft, even today I still played for some release on certain holes that you know it's going to run out and it didn't.

You have to change your mindset. It's kind of a little bit like Portland. Portland was super soft and you could play aggressive, and that's what I did on my back nine.

Q. Nice. And that back nine, did you have the eagle there?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: No. I just had four birdies.

Q. But four birdies in your back nine, what does that do for your confidence as you're closing in on a round like that?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, obviously super happy. I was 2-under with I think four or five to play and I said to myself, Well, let's try to get two going and get it to four and I managed to get one extra, so definitely take it.

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