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September 25, 2020

Jayson Tatum

Boston Celtics

Game 5: Postgame

Boston Celtics 121, Miami Heat 108

Q. Did the way you were able to finish and find a rhythm in the end of Game 4 contribute to anything you brought to the table tonight in terms of aggression or rhythm? Did it help you find it tonight?

JAYSON TATUM: Yeah, I mean, just came into the game thinking about leaving it all out on the floor, live with the results. As long as you leave out on the floor.

You don't want to lose, think about what I could have or should have done. Not going to be perfect, but you just want to give yourself a chance.

Q. In your eyes what is it that got you and the team back to playing Celtics basketball, looking like the team that was so successful for the majority of the season?

JAYSON TATUM: I just think on the defensive end. They're a great team. They move the ball really well, play with pace. I don't think we defended as well as we could in the first half. I think that's kind of what got our offense going, us going in the second half. We just locked in, were all on the same page.

They’re going to hit some shots, they’re going to make some plays. They’ve got some good players. We're just trying to make it as tough as we could.

Q. Your right leg is pretty iced up there. How are you feeling? Dealing with Playoff stuff? What got you going in the 17-point third quarter?

JAYSON TATUM: Yeah, I mean, I'm fine. Everybody dealing with a little soreness. It's just the Playoffs, a lot of minutes.

I don't know, just finding my rhythm. Playing within the system, playing within the game. Knowing I need to be aggressive, try not to force it, but know I got to get myself going and make plays, whether it be for myself or other guys. Just build off that.

Q. You said after the game you haven't been able to get much sleep the past couple days. What has been going through your mind preparing to come into Game 5?

JAYSON TATUM: We was down 3-1. Frustrated. There's been some close games. Give them credit, they've been playing well. They deserved to be up 3-1. I mean, it was frustrating. Not supposed to be feeling good about being down 3-1. I was just really anxious to play, get back out there, give myself a chance.

Q. Disappointing first half the last two games. Did this feel different tonight, not that much about energy, just how you were playing?

JAYSON TATUM: Like to start the game?

Q. The first half of the last game and this one you didn't play well. Did this feel a little bit different as far as how you were not playing well?

JAYSON TATUM: Yeah, I mean, I think we competed. I just don't think our communication was that great in the first half. I think we just took it up a level in the second half on the defensive end. That led to us getting good looks, feeling good about ourselves, and guys getting shots.

Q. Jaylen said at halftime Kemba told you guys you just need to settle down. How do you think that message was important after the way you played in the first half?

JAYSON TATUM: I think we all realized it. Everybody was so anxious, eager to make a play, make something happen. We know what's at stake: we lose, we go home.

At the same time we got to relax a little bit, take a deep breath. We know how important every possession is, but we still just got to relax and play the game. That was kind of the message at halftime.

Q. How big was Daniel Theis in the second half? Even Enes in that second quarter?

JAYSON TATUM: Those guys were big-time tonight. They played with a lot of effort and heart. Especially Enes. He's been in this league a long time. He's in a unique situation where he never knows when he’s going to play, but he's always ready to give us that boost, that spark both ends, especially rebounding it and getting the ball in the low post.

That just shows how good he is. He's a professional. He's always ready.

Q. In the third quarter you were in the bonus early, seemed like you made an effort to force the issue to get to the line. Was that something that was in your mind to get the easy points?

JAYSON TATUM: Yeah, I mean, I think we got in the bonus with seven, eight minutes left. That's just thinking in the game. I mean, you always want to play with pressure, attacking the rim. Especially when you're in the bonus that early, it kind of opens everything up. You want to take advantage of that.

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