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September 22, 2020

Frank Vogel

Los Angeles Lakers

Game 3: Postgame

Denver Nuggets 114, Los Angeles Lakers 106

Q. What did you make of the gap in the rebounding, just the general energy and effort in this game tonight?

FRANK VOGEL: The Gap in rebounding is more about field goal attempts. They had five more offensive rebounds, than us, but you know, we had 10 more shots than them, so there's going to be more rebounds to get. You know, I thought Denver played with great energy throughout the game. We didn't match it early. We matched it late. But they are a great basketball team, so credit them for the win.

Q. You guys got off in transition in that fourth quarter comeback, but what did you see in the first three quarters that wasn’t quite working?

FRANK VOGEL: They played a really good basketball game. They made shots. They made plays. They got to the free throw line. They played with great energy. I thought we were not as sharp as we could have been on both ends of the floor. We've been playing at a really high level. A little bit off there in the first half. But I like the spirit that our guys competed with down the stretch to try to make it a game.

Q. There were a few times during the game that you guys made runs and got pretty close. What do you think it was that allowed Denver to push back and ultimately pull this out?

FRANK VOGEL: They are a terrific team, so they are going to make plays. You put yourself in an 18-point hole, it's tough to climb out of that. But like I said, our guys did make runs. Showed some resiliency. Had an opportunity to win the game. A couple situations, had a turnover, a couple missed threes. Could have closed the gap or taken a lead. But again, great spirit to fight back in the game.

Q. What allowed you to have some success with the zone defense in the fourth quarter?

FRANK VOGEL: Well, the activity. As a coach, when your team gets down and you're looking for something to try to give your team a spark, you try to change the game. You know, sometimes it's a lineup. Sometimes it's a coverage. You know, sometimes it's zone defense. Throwing it out there, just break their rhythm a little bit. It doesn't always work. It did tonight. It's something we've talked about with our group about playing some zone with this team to break their rhythm because they are so surgical offensively, and it worked down the stretch, but obviously the deficit was too much to overcome.

Q. Before the fourth quarter they had outscored you in five straight quarters going back to Game 2. Have they made adjustments you're still trying to figure out and how concerning is the trend, what they have been able to do against you now over two straight games?

FRANK VOGEL: Both teams are making adjustments on the fly, subtle things. They didn't make any major adjustments, but just executing through the coverages, taking what the defense gives you. They are great at reading defenses. They have been together for a long time, obviously, and you do A, they are going to do B, you do B, they are going to do A. They are very good at that. Gotten a little bit better as the series has gone along and we've just got to be a little bit better on the defensive end, just reacting to those reads.

Q. After a very tough loss, Denver came out with urgency. Do you think this loss, coming within three after being up 20, can have a similar effect?

FRANK VOGEL: Well, it has to. This is the playoffs. We have to respond to a loss, and you know, we know how resilient this team is, and also, we have to come out with great fight in Game 4.

Q. Those five quarters -- jump shooting team a lot in that stretch, obviously that's what Denver is trying to get you to do. Can you guys be more aggressive, and did you think that when things were going well, that it came off of attacking the rim?

FRANK VOGEL: There's no question, I agree with what you said. You know, when we settle too much, we play into their hands. When we're attacking the paint, we're getting great looks every time we're touching the paint. We definitely have to be more aggressive.

Q. The turnover issues, especially in the first half, how much was of it was you guys and how much of it was stuff that they were doing?

FRANK VOGEL: Denver is a great defensive team. They are very good with their hands. It's a little bit of both always when it comes to turnovers. We could be less careless, but you have to credit the defense, as well.

Q. What did you think of Rondo's defensive effort in the fourth that helped cut their lead from 20 to three?

FRANK VOGEL: He was a huge spark for us, especially when we went zone. He's our best sort of activity communicator in those situations. Very good with his hands, gambling and whatnot, and was a huge part of that run.

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