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September 20, 2020

Georgia Hall

Portland, Oregon, USA

Columbia Edgewater Country Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Georgia, what a roller coaster of a round today. How do you feel now that you have that win under your belt?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, definitely a relief. I was pretty nervous the last six holes and definitely in the playoff, but I'm really happy to kind of finish and get the job done.

THE MODERATOR: During the playoff, may I ask what you were telling yourself mentally?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, just to kind of focus on my own shot and not focus on what Ash was doing. I was pretty nervous, so I kind of took that into consideration with what club I was hitting because of the adrenaline.

But I'm happy to get over the line and get my first American win.

THE MODERATOR: In your game everything seems to be working really well, but is there anything you're working on more than other parts?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I think my chipping hasn't been that great coming into this event, and I really worked on it. They've got a fantastic chipping facility, so I worked on that and it definitely helped out in the playoff.

THE MODERATOR: And for the rest of the 2020 season, what are your expectations? We heard that one of your goals was to win in the U.S. What other goals do you have?

GEORGIA HALL: I mean, obviously this will get my world ranking down quite a lot, and now it's kind of reevaluate. Obviously I would love to get another win, but I'm just going to let this all sink in.

I've got a nice week off now, so I'm just going to enjoy it and celebrate any chance I kind of have, even those it's hard because of COVID.

THE MODERATOR: Speaking of celebration, your friends were all there to support you throughout the playoff. How did that feel?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it meant so much to, me because when I won the AIG Women's Open a lot of them weren't there because they were traveling to the next tournament, et cetera. So to have my main friends there to stay and watch me and pour all that stuff on me, it really does mean a lot and I'm really grateful to them.

THE MODERATOR: We also saw you spoke to your dad for a couple of seconds before the photos and the entire trophy ceremony. What did you talk about with him?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, well, England is eight hours ahead, so it's like 2:00 am now or 1:00 a.m.

They all stayed up to watch. I'm glad that even though they can't be here they can watch on TV; they're so pleased for me.

THE MODERATOR: We've got some questions from media out there.

Q. Congratulations, Georgia. Just wonderful to see. It appeared as though when you walked off 18 that you were a little shocked by the fact that you were in a playoff. You had said later that you hadn't looked at any boards. Did you think you were leading? Where did you think you stood?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, to be honest, I had no idea. I was playing very well and the pins were tucked today, so I knew there wasn't going to be as low scores.

I actually thought one of the players from the group behind, the leading group, maybe was ahead of me and I was second. But then when I found out that I made bogey so therefore I have to get in a playoff, I was a little bit upset at that.

Q. And are you normally not a board watcher?

GEORGIA HALL: I'm just -- I'm more just like an average board watcher. I mean, they're always in your face so you can't not look at them. I think sometimes it's good to know; sometimes it isn't.

In this instance I'm guessing I was leading in the last four or five holes, so I'm quite happy I didn't look.

Q. In your other win, couldn't have been more different. You had the whole of England out there going, Go, Georgia. In this one you got nobody. How much different did it feel, and what was the sense like when were in the middle of the playoff?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, there was quite a few people watching the playoff, which was great. Some of my friends and other players came to watch me, so I definitely had that support. I knew that my family at home were cheering me on and watching.

Yeah, I mean, it's just me and my caddie out there, my boyfriend, and I'm pleased that we managed to do it this time.

Q. Congratulations.

GEORGIA HALL: Thank you.

Q. I was just wondering if you could talk about what it's been like the last couple seasons waiting for this next win. I'm sure after you won the British you were just excited to like get that second win. What's it kind of been like waiting for that to happen?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, obviously it was amazing winning my first major, let alone my first event. Then, yeah, I kind of had a kind of 50/50 year last year where my first half wasn't very good and my second half was good.

So, yeah, I mean, it's just taking one tournament at a time and not really focusing on too much in the future. But my goal this year was to win in America, and I'm really glad I've done that.

Q. How important has your Solheim Cup performances been in building and maintaining confidence in your game?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, I love Solheim. It's one my favorite events ever in my career. You are in a lot of pressure situations in Solheim, so when I was in the playoff just one versus one, I did have confidence. This is my first actual playoff ever, so it was a bit strange.

But, yeah, I'm glad I kind of finished the job.

THE MODERATOR: Speaking of this being your first playoff, how much confidence does it give you moving forward in all the other events you'll play?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, definitely a lot of confidence. I know my game is in a very good place; I managed to kind of refigure myself after my bogey on the last to then get in a playoff, which was less than ten minutes before I tee'd off again, and then to win that.

So definitely confidence is high, and I'll take that into the next event.

THE MODERATOR: Especially with your friends out there. There were a number of people out there, spectators, although it's rare right now with COVID. How much do you miss the spectators?

GEORGIA HALL: I miss them so much. I really like when they clap when I hit good shots, you know, they're supporting and cheering you on. So it was very different not having anyone there.

But, yeah, I'm just thankful that we can play right now.

THE MODERATOR: This week started out really shaky, especially with all the smoke. What were you thinking ahead of any rounds and then telling yourself now looking back?

GEORGIA HALL: I mean, I love playing here. It's one of my favorite courses on the schedule. So it was kind of a shame that there were only three rounds and not four, because I really enjoy playing the course.

For it happen was an amazing achievement. Cambia have done a great job. Perfect last day today, so perfect weather. Everything kind of worked out.

THE MODERATOR: Lastly, hopefully a fun question. What are you looking forward to the most in terms of celebrating?

GEORGIA HALL: Well, I don't drink alcohol or nothing so I'm not quite sure. I think when I won the British I didn't really take it all in and enjoy it properly, so am going to make sure that -- maybe we'll go and -- I mean, it's hard with can COVID, so I'll just see what we'll do, but I'm definitely going to enjoy it.

Q. I've got two questions for you. Sorry. Is the win any more particularly sweet considering how close you came here two years ago?

GEORGIA HALL: Definitely. That did enter my mind. I didn't want to come second again. This course suits me. I love the condition of it. I was just really pushing to win in the playoff, so I'm really happy and just really excited to win.

Q. With this off week coming up what are your plans? Going home? Stay here? What are you going to do?

GEORGIA HALL: I was planning to go to Phoenix, so I've got a flight tomorrow which I'm still going to do.

I haven't let (indiscernible), but I'm scheduled to play shot ShopRite and KPMG.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you so much. We have one more follow up.

Q. You got very emotional in talking to Jerry Foltz immediately afterwards. For those of us who have seen you at Solheim and at the British, that was a little bit of a surprise. What was it that kind of brought all those emotions out? Relief? Surprise? What was going on there?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think that I won the British and I just wanted to win again really badly, especially in America. I just kept -- after a couple of years obviously I've never won in America; I find easier maybe to win in Europe or Great Britain.

I always knew it would maybe be harder, so for me to win it's a relief that I've won in America and I can bring that confidence on to the next event.

But also I was quite nervous the last six or seven holes, so it's a buildup the emotions. And then bogeying the last and getting in a playoff, so it was a buildup and then just really happy tears at the end.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you so much, Georgia. Hopefully you celebrate the way you want to.

GEORGIA HALL: Thank you.

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