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September 20, 2020

Taylor Pendrith

Mamaroneck, New York, USA

Winged Foot Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. How good was that round?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Yeah, I played amazing. I hit a lot of fairways today, I think. It felt like I was in the fairway especially more than yesterday and was able to hit a lot of greens, and my putting was great, speed was good. I didn't have a three-putt, just kind of hit to the middle of the greens and two-putt up the hill and tried to make as many pars as possible. Yeah, I played awesome.

Q. What was your thought process last night before -- what were you trying to get out of it? Obviously you got probably everything and more.

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Yeah, honestly, I played, I thought, really well all week. I just was playing from the rough too much the first three days and today was able to hit some fairways and was never really out of position. Kind of left myself below the hole if I was going to miss a green and just kind of played pretty smart. Figured I was going to make a few bogeys. But if you got in the fairway there's some birdie chances out there, and yeah, just kind of had the same game plan. Hit lots of drivers and got some good bounces, was able to keep it in the short stuff.

Q. What did this week tell you about your game that you didn't already know?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Yeah, I mean, honestly this year I've been playing some really nice golf, and I have tons of confidence. Just kind of came into this week trying not to get caught up in everything, and I earned my way here, and there's no reason why I couldn't play well. So just to make the cut was awesome, and to have a pretty good weekend, especially today's round in the wind and the tough pins, was great. Yeah, just overall awesome experience for my first major, and couldn't be happier.

Q. Did you have a "whoa" moment at any point in the week? What was the one moment where you really sort of shook your head and thought, I'm here at a major?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Probably the first tee, honestly. The first day I was very nervous, and then there was no spectators, so there wasn't really anything to be nervous about, it was just kind of was in my head that I'm here at a major. Was definitely nervous on that first tee shot. But after that I felt really comfortable. Felt really good today and basically all week. Just that first hole was a little nervy for me, but made par and went on with it.

Q. You responded today after bogeys with birdies, particularly on 17 and 18. Can you just talk about how much confidence you get out of that going forward for the rest of the year?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Yeah, 17 I had nothing. I was short left in the rough and the greens are concrete today, so I was really happy to make 5 there. Made like a slippery six-footer for bogey, so that was a good save. And then to make birdie on 18, I mean, it's one of the hardest holes out here, I think. It's really tough to hit the fairway. I was just in the rough and was able to hit it to four or five feet and make the putt.

Yeah, big confidence boost, just finishing with a birdie, and a good finish this week, and I've got three events left on the Korn Ferry TOUR, so looking forward to that and hopefully can continue the good play.

Q. The two guys atop the leaderboard share something with you in that they're kind of long hitters, and there's been a lot of talk about how they've turned even a U.S. Open into kind of a bomb-and-gouge kind of event. Do you agree with that sentiment or that theory that's going around?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Maybe a little bit. Matthew Wolff's round yesterday, hitting two fairways, was insane because I was in the rough a lot, and I think I only hit three fairways yesterday, and I found it very difficult. For him to manage his game from the rough that well is amazing. But today I hit way more fairways and it was much easier.

I don't know, really the rough is nasty. You can get some good breaks and get some good lies and try and play to the front of the green, but I think he hit 12 greens from the rough yesterday, which is crazy. I think I hit six greens yesterday. It's tricky, but I think being long on any golf course is an advantage, and I think the game has just changed. A lot of guys are hitting it further, technology is better and people are bigger and stronger.

I wouldn't say you're going to win bombing and gouging. I think you need to hit fairways here. But if you manage your game properly you need to have a good short game and you can kind of manage.

Q. Are you longer than Bryson?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: I don't know. I hit a good one on 9 today, so we'll see.

Q. I think it was 371.


Q. How long have you felt that your game is ready for the top level of the sport? Has it been in your mind injuries holding you back, or has this week maybe told you something about yourself that you didn't know?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Yeah, I'd say the last like three years probably has been tough for me, you know, not being able to play up to what I know I can do. But I think winning on the Mackenzie TOUR last year really kind of helped my confidence and getting a second win and kind of learning how to win. It's a great Tour, super competitive now, so to beat those guys twice, I guess, and get two victories really helped my confidence, and then having some good finishes on the Korn Ferry TOUR this year obviously helps, as well, and having a good week this week. Just looking forward to playing well and hopefully get that Tour card for 2021.

Q. After you finish up the next three Korn Ferry TOUR events, is there any plan to come home for a reunited?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Yeah, I'll be coming home as soon as I can. I haven't been home since May, so I'll be -- I don't know if I'm driving or flying, but I'll likely leave the day after the tournament is over and stay there for -- until mid-December, take a little break, get the shoulder healed up again, and yeah, go from there.

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