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September 19, 2020

Georgia Hall

Portland, Oregon, USA

Columbia Edgewater Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Georgia, great round out there today. What worked the most, long game, short game, putting?

GEORGIA HALL: I think my driver was pretty good today and I managed to hole a few long putts, more than yesterday, so I was very happy with my round.

Q. Awesome. You placed second here two years ago. How does it feel to be back here with the threat of maybe not having this tournament this year?

GEORGIA HALL: I mean, it's amazing coming back here. I love the course. It's one of my favorites to play all year, and obviously I have great confidence coming because I'd done so well a couple years ago.

So I kind of brought that forward this week, and I'm glad I've started with a good first two days.

Q. And speaking of playing here before, you had a little bit of prior knowledge. We only have three rounds this year compared to four. What did you do during that one day off?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I mean, obviously it's different not playing on the Thursday, but I think key is just to stay patient and just wait until we can play.

The course is playing very different to a couple of years ago, greens are very soft, but it's always in great condition.

Q. How about your family? They must be sending you lots of love and words of encouragement. How excited are they that you're playing a well?

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, well I haven't spoke to them yet. They're eight hours in this front. Yeah, quite a big time difference, but hopefully they got to see this round as I'm off early, and I'll chat to them after.

Q. What is your strategy heading into the last round?

GEORGIA HALL: I think all depends where I'll be. Obviously got the afternoon wave to go off, so I'm not sure how far behind I'll be.

I think holing putts will be key tomorrow.

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