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September 18, 2020

Corey Conners

Mamaroneck, New York, USA

Winged Foot Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. How exhausting is a day like today out there?

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, it's definitely a grind. It's tough, right from the get-go. Yeah, it was definitely a battle.

Q. Is it mentally or physically, which one is more? Or is it about a tie?

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, it's definitely a mixture. Physically it's tough, but I think probably a little tougher mentally. It's tough to stay in the zone, stay focused with the tough conditions, and going to make mistakes out there, and definitely mentally it's very tough.

Q. Were the greens firmer today or still soft?

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, I'm disappointed I commented on how they were too soft yesterday because they definitely firmed up a lot today, made it a lot more difficult. They were kind of getting a little bit crusty some of the holes. We were one of the last groups, and around some of the hole locations you could definitely see a lot of footprints and they were starting to brown up quite a bit.

Q. How tough is it to put the ball in the fairway? You're a guy who does that a lot, but how tough is it out here?

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, it's really tough. You have to shape the ball on a number of holes in different ways. A lot of holes set up pretty well for a draw, so I was pretty comfortable with a lot of the tee shots, but it's very tough. The fairways kind of slope against the doglegs sometimes, so you have to be really perfect to keep it in the fairway.

Q. Are you exhausted? You sound like you are.

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, well, I'm pretty pissed off, so that doesn't help. But yeah, it was definitely tiring out there.

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