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September 15, 2020

Bam Adebayo

Miami Heat

Game 1: Postgame

Miami Heat 117, Boston Celtics 114 - OT

Q. Can you please take us through the sequence on the block through Jayson Tatum, what you saw when he was coming, what was going through your mind on the play and was there any concern about a whistle with the ball being that close to the rim and where you are, sort of your mindset from where he was coming to what happened to the aftermath, please.

BAM ADEBAYO: I felt like a play like that, I felt like Jimmy knew I was there and you know, he got him to the launching pad, which we teach the whole year. And at that point, I had to make a play. It's the playoffs, and I made a great play.

Q. At what point in the play -- you're also guarding Marcus Smart. At what point do you know if you have to get to the rim to get to Tatum?

BAM ADEBAYO: When he took his two steps and tried to dunk it. I mean, but you know, it was just, I knew my teammates have my back and that's -- we're kind of on a string. So when I go, somebody else got to take my man and we just rotate from there.

Q. Alonzo Mourning leave any messages after that block, and what do you think he might say about that block, any help he might have provided in the past?

BAM ADEBAYO: About to check right now. No text from Zo yet.

He probably going to tell me keep doing that. But I would rather us not being in that position at the end of the game, and you know, dictate that at five seconds. But like I said, great block, and it was a great win and we're up 1-0 but we got three more to get.

Q. Magic Johnson just Tweeted, best defensive play he has ever seen in a playoff game. When you hear that, what does that mean to you?

BAM ADEBAYO: You hear that, Magic? It's just you get on that big stage, you just got to make big plays and I made a big play. Coming from Magic, that's a great comment from him, and you just have got to keep getting better throughout the playoffs.

Q. Erik and Jimmy were praising that block, your willingness to throw yourself out there and not be afraid of a poster. What does it take to have that mindset and not allow that to be a thing?

BAM ADEBAYO: We were up one at the time? No, we were up two. Anyways, we were up a little bit, so at that point -- we were up one? Two?

At the end of the day, man, you just got to make a play. I did that. It hard to explain because it happened so fast for me. Y'all want answers from me? Instincts, I guess.

Q. It was Magic's favorite defensive play in the playoffs, ever. Where does it rank for you as a play that you have ever made at any level in basketball? And then I have another for you.

BAM ADEBAYO: No. 1. No. 1. Playoffs, game on the line, No. 1 play.

Q. And when you actually executed it and you knocked that shot away, what exactly went through your mind when you realized that the clock went to zeros and you had made that stop?

BAM ADEBAYO: We up 1-0 and I get to go rest because Spo tried to tell me I wasn't tired and I played the whole fourth and overtime.

Q. But just the emotion of it. Tell me about the emotion.

BAM ADEBAYO: Well, my emotions was everywhere, but everybody else around me was happy. This is one of those things, it doesn't hit you until the game's over. So you know, when it happened, I was looking at the clock, like we still got time, like let's get ahead and close it out. We did that. After that, celebrated and we're focused on the next game now.

Q. Tyler Herro obviously had two big threes late in the game but he was one assist shy of a triple-double. How much does it help you personally to have him out there doing everything? I know he had the assist to you on the dunk.

BAM ADEBAYO: It's just another element of the team, now. At this point, years don't matter. If you're out there, you're out there to produce and he was producing tonight. I'm proud of him.

Q. First of all, how important for you after the win going to Game 2 and if you are high confidence after the huge play that you made at the end of the game?

BAM ADEBAYO: Definitely a confidence-booster, and I came into the league as a defender, so it felt like an instinct, and it was a great, great game-winning block.

Q. And after that, how is your confidence growing now after this block?

BAM ADEBAYO: It gives you more confidence to just keep trying to block everything. That's pretty much the confidence right there, and then, you know, you get a block like that, and it feeds energy into your team.

Q. Just as a guy who prides himself on his defense, is there anything vindicating about your No. 1 play in your career so far being a defensive play?

BAM ADEBAYO: I mean, like I said earlier, I came into the league as a defender and an energy guy. Just having that moment and kind of -- kind of flashed back to my rookie year where all I did was play defense and just provide energy.

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