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September 14, 2020

Fabio Fognini

Roma, Italia

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Novak was in here earlier talking about his situation at the US Open obviously and saying that it could happen to him at any time or could happen to other players as well. For someone like you, would it make you more careful with how you act on court?

FABIO FOGNINI: I don't know. I mean, it's something that I just saw the day after, so could happen to everybody. I think he was unlucky.

But my opinion, I say if I have to be honest, in the last 15 days I probably show 10, 15 points about the US Open. I mean, maybe it's not a question that I have to answer. Was unlucky, a shame, and could happen to everybody. Never to me. That's why. Maybe to Kyrgios (smiling).

Q. Going into Roland Garros, you opted obviously to not play the US Open, and I know part of it was rehabbing your injury, but can you explain what you think it will be like going into the French Open with having no matches at all?

FABIO FOGNINI: That's a good question. I mean, I just say I'm happy to be back, because as everybody know I was suffering a lot the last four years of my career about these kind of pains, so I'm grateful surgery went well.

Was recovering and rehabilitation was long, but the same times, you know, I'm happy to be again on court without any pain.

The only problem now is I need to play matches, I need to play points, even in practice. And that's the only thing. I mean, I'm dreaming on it, for sure, because I always play good, I always make my best result on clay, and I'm not feeling good as I was before, because of course I get to surgery on my ankle. But I think this is the only way, just to practice, stay on court, play points, and then probably it came, but I don't know when.

Q. You said you didn't watch much US Open and I'm curious why. You just weren't interested? What were your thoughts on the US Open?

FABIO FOGNINI: Nothing. I mean, I was focusing on other things that I probably never did in my life. I was with my family, enjoy my family. I was focused, I was -- I mean, was long rehabilitation, so another kind of things that I was thinking for.

I mean, I'm happy for Dominic. I'm happy too for Sascha, because these two guys, probably in the future they gonna play I think more matches like that. They are I think two really good friends of mine.

So at the moment, I think Dominic deserve it a little bit more because he play three finals before, and Sascha, he never did. But, you know, I think they play a really good final I think till the end. That's why we love this sport.

Q. You watched the final?

FABIO FOGNINI: I was watching just -- I went to the room and was 6-2, 5-1, and I saw that Dominic couldn't play at all. Was trying to push really hard the ball and Sascha was everything under control.

Then I think he lost 6-4 the second set, and then after that he tried to play a little bit more consistent. He won the third, and then I went to sleep.

Q. Now that Dominic has won his first major, he lost the last two Roland Garros finals to Rafa Nadal, do you think that Rafa is at a disadvantage by not having played or at an advantage for staying on clay? And what shot do you give Domi in beating him on the clay?

FABIO FOGNINI: Well, guys, with Rafa, we never know. I think he's one of the best champion that we have in our sport, so say something about Rafa that he can't? I do not. He's able to do everything. So I think he's the favorite on clay. When he's fit, results are talking for him.

So I think it's a good step forward for Dominic because he always dreaming. He was playing unbelievable in Australia with Nole. He was playing two great final. Yesterday he was one step really close to lose the match. Because I think he was the favorite of the match, so mentally also it's not so easy like playing maybe Rafa or Nole, that you have nothing to lose because they are better than you.

So now it's gonna be interesting, because these kind of players we'll say in the future they're gonna win big, big tournament, they're going to make big result. But if Rafa is fit, it's really hard to beat him on Roland Garros.

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