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September 14, 2020

Kelly Olynyk

Miami Heat

Practice Day

Q. Kelly, I know there's so much to put your attention upon, particularly defensively dealing with the Celtics. Is there a number one that's a must for you all if you're going to be successful in this series?

KELLY OLYNYK: I mean, I don't think it's one thing. We've just got to be together on both ends of the floor. Whatever our schemes are, whatever the game plan is, as long as we're together in it, we'll be all right.

Q. How special is this series for you personally? And how different are the Celtics with their style of play since you played for them?

KELLY OLYNYK: Obviously it's a big series. It's the first time we've been back to the Conference Finals. Obviously me being there with the Celtics, definitely it's good to go against them.

For us, obviously, it's way different than when I played there. There's only two guys who I played with that are still on that team just three years ago. Different style, different personnel, but same coach, same philosophy, same offensive style.

Q. You just mentioned you played for Brad Stevens, obviously you're playing for Coach Spo now, two of the best coaches in the NBA. Do you see similarities between those guys or are they very different?

KELLY OLYNYK: I mean, there's definitely similarities. Obviously, like you said, two of the best coaches in the league, and to be successful in this league you've got to do some of the same stuff. But they do have their differences as well and that's what makes them unique and that's what makes our two teams different.

Q. Kelly, I know you know as well as anyone things change in the NBA, but you had a really good team when you guys went to the Conference Finals that year [in 2017] and maybe had sort of a bright future. The Celtics decided to go in a different direction, they got [Jayson] Tatum in the draft, there was the Gordon Hayward summer. Is there a part of you that wonders what might have been if you kept it intact, and is there a part of you when you get that close to getting to the NBA Finals that maybe in some parts of your mind wonders why can't we just keep a good thing going?

KELLY OLYNYK: Yeah, I mean, I guess there's always that if it's not broke, don't fix it, but everybody is just doing their job. Obviously, Danny Ainge is doing his job. People who, sometimes it's tough, you're trying to get better every single year or you're trying to make -- it's also a business. Money goes into it, salary cap, all that kind of stuff. So it's different.

Obviously, like you said, we had a great team who really played together, played with each other, and we had a good run there. Obviously would have been cool to see what we could have done the following year or the next year, but sometimes in life that doesn't happen. But I'm happy to be back with this opportunity and this team, and hopefully we've got something good going right now.

Q. What's it meant to you to have the availability to golf here on the campus? How much enjoyment have you derived from it? Have you played with any players from other teams, and have you heard who the best golfer here is?

KELLY OLYNYK: It's been fun. I mean, obviously just getting into it and stuff, it's just been a lot of fun. Something to kind of get outside, outside of the hotel and take your mind off it.

I think our shooting coach Rob Fodor is probably the best golfer here. He's the best person I've played with for sure. Yeah.

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