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August 31, 2020

Anastasija Sevastova

New York, New York, USA

Press Conference


6-3, 5-7, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. This was your first match against Coco Gauff. What are your thoughts on her game and her potential?

ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I mean, I wish I would play like this when I was 16 years old (smiling).

Great player. Nothing more to say. I think she maybe started a bit slower than me, but she was getting better as the match went on. That's so important I think in tennis.

Yeah, in the end I think third set she played her best tennis. She was serving better, moving better. It was tough, yeah. Fortunately I stayed calm in the third set and managed to win, to close it out.

Q. What was the challenge for you trying to close out an opponent like Coco?

ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Yeah, I think I had some mistakes. I was risking a lot. But, yeah, she's moving so well, it's tough to finish the point. She sees the ball. She hits amazing backhand. Forehand for sure could be better. Still, it's uncomfortable to play her.

Yeah, I just had to stay solid and play better on my service games in the third set. That's what I did. Yeah, I thought I will have a chance at some point.

Q. Your six months off, how were they? How long did the racquets stay down? What was your experience generally in lockdown?

ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I mean, I enjoyed it. For sure I practiced. I had I think three weeks off, but then I was just starting to hit. Not hitting like every day. Hitting maybe two, three times a week. Just enjoying tennis. Not doing too much. You don't know what's happening. It was moving, like, so quickly. No Paris, Paris postponed, no Wimbledon.

Yeah, just doing some other things when we were allowed. I went hiking. Went back home to Latvia, enjoyed the weather there. Practiced there. Yeah, just casual life. Enjoyed it (smiling).

Q. Do you come back feeling refreshed at all? Do you feel the way maybe the start of your season was going...

ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I don't feel fresh. Somehow, I don't know, I don't feel fresh (laughter).

I think it's tough for everybody coming here. But, yeah, this first hurdle, I won a match again. I think it's going to give me a bit of confidence.

Yeah, I just thought, like, I will fight till the end of this match, we will see how it goes. Coco, she's a great player. I mean, she's 16 years old and she's playing like that. I wish I would play like that at 16.


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