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September 13, 2020

Katherine Kirk

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. 1-over to finish your time at the ANA Inspiration; not exactly how you hoped to finish, but how did it go out there being in a final pairing, your first one since 2017?

KATHERINE KIRK: It was a grind for me today. I didn't really give myself a lot of chances and had to scramble on a few holes even for par. Overall, though, I'm not disappointed. I gave it 100 percent and my attitude was great and I stayed patient, and it just wasn't my day. Top 10s in majors are good, so I can take that positive away. I learned a lot today, too.

Yeah, all in all, it's a good experience and thankful for my team, and yeah, on to the next one.

Q. You have about 15, 16 years on your two playing competitors. What did you learn playing with a couple of the younger players out on Tour here?

KATHERINE KIRK: Their games are fabulous. It's great for the LPGA, and yeah, obviously super personalities. I think the LPGA is in the best spot we've ever been. I don't know if I learned much from them today other than I've just got to be a little bit sharper in a final round, but they played great and it was fun to watch, and I guess they get to duke out some more holes here.

Yeah, nice to be in that last group. That's all you can ask for really. Some days it goes your way, other days it doesn't. Overall, like I said, I can't complain.

Q. You also mentioned obviously a top 10 finish here, T7 at the 2020 ANA Inspiration. How much can you take moving forward with that type of finish, especially these were major conditions out here, the speed of the greens, the length of the rough. How good does it feel to walk away knowing that you accomplished a top 10?

KATHERINE KIRK: Yeah, I'll look back on it tonight and kind of reflect on what I need to polish up. Actually I already know what I need to polish up. The wedge game was a little rusty today. I think at this point in my career I'm hitting it the best I ever have. I'm really happy with my PXG equipment. I think it's the best equipment I've ever had in my career, and yeah, I think honestly my best golf is still ahead of me.

Any time, again, you finish top 10 in a major, you've got to take some positives away.

Q. If your 23-year-old self had looked ahead into the future and said your best game is going to be where you are right now, what would you have thought?

KATHERINE KIRK: I might have questioned it, but I think that's the best part about golf is that it is a game for life and you never really stop learning.

Yeah, there's tons of players that play great in their 40s. I look at Phil Mickelson even at 50. There's no reason that you can't play great golf for a long time out here, and as long as you stay healthy, and thankfully I have, you can just keep rolling.

Q. You'll take a couple weeks off now before the ShopRite event; what's the plan for a couple weeks off?

KATHERINE KIRK: Play a lot of golf, work on the wedges, hang out with the family, and yeah, just relax at home. Nothing too crazy, but yeah, as good as I'm playing, I'd like to take some of that momentum in, so I'm going to still work hard the next two weeks and try and get a W before we end the year here.

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