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September 13, 2020

Lydia Ko

Rancho Mirage, California, USA

Mission Hills Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Lydia, nice 6-under to finish your time here at the ANA Inspiration this year. How good did feel to put together a round like that to finish off a major championship?

LYDIA KO: Yeah, I don't know what my best round is around this golf course, but I felt like I played really solid. I think I got a couple lucky breaks. When you hit it in the rough, you're really praying that you're going to get a decent lie, and I feel like for most times that was it.

I've been hitting -- I gave myself a lot of good opportunities today and a few of the other days, as well, but I just wasn't putting or scoring as well as I had been hitting it, so it's nice to kind of finish off with a low one today.

Q. Off to the Pacific Northwest for the Cambia event next week. Although it'll be a new week, how much momentum can you take from this week into next week?

LYDIA KO: Hopefully good momentum going into next week. Last year was the best I had finished at that event, so hopefully I can draw back on some of the good memories from that, as well.

No, I really enjoyed it. I think it's a beautiful golf course. It's normally in really good shape. I think hopefully I'll be able to play that course well. It's a good ball-striking golf course, so I think I'll definitely need to have my game in that part.

Q. Dating back to your amateur days, this will be your 12th top-10 finish in a major. What is it about the majors that just has Lydia Ko so excited and ready to perform?

LYDIA KO: Yeah, I'm not really sure where I'm going to end up at the end of today, but no, I think obviously you try to peak at the majors. I don't know if anyone has got a better record than what Brooks Koepka has done, but you just hope that you're in contention, and I think the more times that you're in contention, the bigger chances of you being the one holding the trophy at the end of season.

I felt like I played pretty consistently, and definitely good to finish on a good note for this major.

Q. Coming off of a major and playing on a course in as great a shape as this was and as challenging as this was, how does that lend itself to you approaching that golf course?

LYDIA KO: I think throughout this week, the course has got pretty firm and fast, and Portland is normally like that, as well. Hopefully just keeping it on the fairways is going to be quite important. That was really the big case around here this week; especially with the Bermuda rough, a lot of the times the balls were sitting down.

I think try and have that similar mindset. Obviously a little bit different because it might seem a little bit more intimidating next week because there's a lot of tree-lined holes but you've just got to play smart, and hopefully I'll be able to make my share of birdies.

Q. Right now Brooke and Nelly kind of have a little bit of a gap. You know both of them pretty well. If you had to give some advice to either of them as they near their first jump into Poppies Pond, what would it be?

LYDIA KO: I don't know if I'm in the position to be giving them advice. Obviously they've done so well this week, and I'm pretty sure that that match between the two is going to come down to the last minute. But I think it's a great finishing few holes, and obviously with the 18th, the tee being forward and them both being long hitters -- I hit a 4-hybrid in, so I'm pretty sure they're going to be hitting irons in with a good drive, so I think it's going to make it interesting. But they are both super mature. We're all pretty similar in age, so I don't think my advice --

Q. Any advice for the jump specifically?

LYDIA KO: The jump? It says don't dive, so as long as they come back without an injury, I think that would be good.

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